Uncle Josh is our Central Gold Coast Pet Sitter. He’s available for overnight live in pet/house sitting as well as dog walking and pet sitting visits within the Central Gold Coast regions.

Uncle Josh

Uncle Josh (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

Uncle Josh is currently studying Communications at Griffith University. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, DJing, playing/watching sport, playing video games, fishing and hanging out with friends.

He hopes in the future to travel the world and to own his own house.

Growing up he had plenty of pets – birds, fish, dogs, cats and turtles.  He moved all around Queensland as a youngster with his mum before finally settling on the Sunshine Coast.

Travelling around has exposed him to many different experiences; he was lucky enough to spend time in Central Queensland where he spent a lot of time on farms which gave him the opportunity to regularly ride horses, feed cows and experience farm life.

Animals have always been a part of Uncle Josh’s life, but the day he really became a pet lover was on his 7th birthday when he was given a 6-week-old little Rottweiler puppy.

Growing up as an only child, the pup quickly became Uncle Josh’s best friend.  He spent ages with him, hanging out, playing and teaching him tricks. Pretty soon he was able to catch anything in his mouth and quickly became his star fielder in back yard cricket.

Uncle Josh completely understands the joy owning a pet can bring and how much love and care it takes to look after them.


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