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Just like humans, animals experience the full array of emotions including happiness, sadness, anger, fear, joy, anticipation and love!

They suffer from mental and spiritual imbalances and they feel physical pain as we do and can benefit from the healing energy that Reiki provides.

Reiki is becoming a popular healing modality for animals either on its own or in conjunction with other forms of conventional and alternative therapies.

Reiki is a wonderfully gentle, non-threatening, non-evasive therapy often providing quick and profound results.

A Reiki treatment can provide peace, relief, relaxation, energy balance and a sense of well-being to your animal companion.

Some of the benefits of Reiki for animals include:

  • Pain relief from injury, post-operative or palliative care
  • Emotional support
  • Stress reduction and deep relaxation
  • Relaxation for senior animals, in particular with sore joints or arthritis
  • Assists with separation anxiety or the introduction of a new family member
  • Offers peace and compassion during the passing of your animal

Animal Reiki By Lisa

Reiki can be offered to any animal regardless of species, breed, age, gender or situation.

Working on the Chakra centres of the animal, Reiki can assist in the healing of:

  • Physical issues such as the musculo-skeletal system, bowel issues, hip problems
  • Ease of symptomatic disease such as Cushings
  • Digestive issues and muscular trauma
  • Injury and shock, distress, anxiety, loneliness, boredom
  • Emotional issues due to mental or physical abuse or trauma
  • Communication blockages due to long-term medications

Animals are not only our pets and service providers, they are our teachers, our friends, and more often than not; our guardians.

Please note: As animals may not ‘want’ Reiki at the appointment time, there is a once only “no charge policy” and a further appointment can be made.


House Sitting Clients receive a FREE Raven Reiki Session …. Receive a complimentary 20 minute standard treatment for one pet-kid with every overnight paw-jama party or full time live in house sitting booking !  Please note: minimum booking of 3 nights. Extra sessions or sessions booked outside our house sitting service are at normal prices.

First Time Session (available to be booked with or outside of any pet sitting services): $27 per pet-kid.

Normal Prices:  $45 for 30 minute session per pet-kid; $65 for 60 minute session pet pet-kid.

Please contact our office to book now !  

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