Is it the cheapest price or the best value for money you are seeking ?

We believe you’re making an investment in professional, loving, peace of mind pet care not just “paying for a service”….

  • Our prices are all inclusive – no extra charges for public holidays, weekends, early mornings or evening visits, or last minute (for current/active clients only) !
  • FREE key drop off or pick up
  • Our pet sitting prices are FULL SERVICE – everything you need us to do we will do: dog walking, light grooming, collecting mail, poo patrol, watering plants, etc
  • Unlimited number of pets included  as we do not charge per pet
  • For dog walking – it’s personalised care & same price across the Gold Coast
  • We love your pets just as much you do !  When you use our services you’re investing in using a team that are friendly, loving, trust worthy, professional, knowledgeable and experienced ! “We’re the extended family you want visiting often…”

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