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Save Your Pet’s Life & Reduce Vet Bills by Knowing What To Do in an Emergency..

1-out-of-4 more pets would survive, if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care.

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Pet CPR, First Aid + Care Classes available now..

Pet Tech is the first international training centre dedicated to Pet CPR, first aid and care is proud to announce their classes have returned to the South East of Queensland and Northern New South Wales !

Pet Guardian – Vanessa – completed the Pet Tech Instructor Training Program in Melbourne in late November 2016 and is qualified to teach the Pet Tech PetSaver™ Pet CPR, First Aid and Care  class and other programs.

Pet first aid is the immediate care given to any pet that is injured or ill. If you are a pet owner or pet care professional you should be trained in the necessary skills and techniques of pet first aid.


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The Pet Tech PetSaver™ Pet CPR & First Aid course offers everyday pet owners and professionals the chance to learn the skills and techniques which are necessary to prepare the owner or carer in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency involving their pet, or a pet in their care. Some of the topics highlighted in the class include: CPR, Rescue Breathing, Shock Management, Bleeding Protocols, Injury and Wellness Assessments, Heat Injuries, Cold Injuries and Pet Care.

PetSaver™ Pet CPR, First Aid & Care is one of the few Pet First Aid courses that offers hands on skill practice, with everyone working in teams.

Cost includes a detailed handbook and upon successful completion, each participant will receive a “Pet First Aid and CPR” certificate plus muzzling + bleeding kit.

Teaching Pet Tech’s PetSaver™ class is going to be a major component in spreading the word about adequate and competent pet care, primarily among pet owners, but also among pet professionals within Queensland. There is no other course like this on the Gold Coast, or indeed Australia, it is a one of a kind program and essential for all pet parents.

Vanessa is looking forward to teaching Pet Tech to fellow pet owners and animal lovers; education is knowledge and knowledge is power – with Pet Tech, we can all challenge the concepts that people have about pet healthcare, we can make pet owners and professionals wiser and we can help to create healthier and happier pets.

Ali from Wag The Dog (a former Pet Tech Instructor) notes: “Now pet owners can learn pet CPR, first aid and care and give their pets the best chance possible should the relevant circumstances arise.”

For more information or to sign-up for one of the classes, email Vanessa today.

Alternately you can refer to the Pet Tech Australia website for class  schedules and additional information

Pet Tech International - Improving the Quality of Pets' Lives, One Pet Owner at a Time.

Pet Tech International – Improving the Quality of Pets’ Lives, One Pet Owner at a Time.



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Limited to 5 students per class to ensure a great experience for all attendees.

Join the * FREE * Facebook Group “Because Pets Are Family Forever” to be kept up2date for the next class !


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