Showcase Your Beautiful Pets By Placing Their Smiling Faces on Your Greeting Cards

Have you got some great photos of your pets that make you smile?

Let me show you a simple and quick way to create your own custom greeting cards that show off your pet photos or fun photos of your family and friends!

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Send Cards That Have A Personal Touch

You can personalize each greeting card that you send by adding your own photos, typing in your own message, and by having the text look exactly like your own handwriting.

What would give your friends and family a bigger thrill than receiving a card from you that showcases you and/or your pets?
Once you choose a card template from the library it’s easy to upload your own photos and then add them to your card. You can add multiple photos to each greeting card that you send for one low price.

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Sending Beautiful Cards  Also Saves You Time and Money

You can create and send a card from your computer in less than 5 minutes and from only 31cents plus postage.

When you want to create a card just login to your card website, create your own personalized card from the thousands of templates in the card manager with your own photos and handwriting, choose a gift to send with the card, put in the recipient’s contact details, and hit send.

You save the time and fuel that it would take you to drive to the store to buy the card, and to get to the post office to mail the card.

Creating a card  is also much less expensive that printing your own greeting cards because you don’t have to spend money on printer toner or ink, or purchase your own paper.

Build stronger  personal and business relationships by staying in touch

Sending a personalized greeting card lets your friends and family know that you are thinking of them!

You can also use the cards in your work or business to send to your staff, clients, or business contacts. A personalized card puts you in front of your the people you care about regularly so that you build stronger relationships.

With the SendOutCards online software it’s so easy to send a card that you’ll avoid procrastination and keep in touch more regularly with your clients and friends and family.

People are much more likely to value and keep a physical card than they are to keep an email that you send them. You’ll also find that the people you send cards display them in their homes and offices!

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A place to store and manage all your contacts

A greeting card account gives you a place to manage all your contacts so you never lose touch with anyone.

Easily set up separate contact lists for your  personal and business contacts. You can have one list for your family and friends, another for your business networking contacts and a third list for staff or business clients.

Once you have a contact list you can then create a custom card campaign and quickly send the card to all the contacts on any particular list. The software will automatically customize each card with the recipient’s name.

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Ready to Start Sending Personalized Greeting Cards That Make a Big Impression and Save You Time and Money?

If you are ready to start there are many options for sending your own personalized greeting cards. The right package for you depends on how many cards you plan on sending each month.

The best way to understand how Send Out Cards works is to contact us so as we can be your personal tour guide to explain how to sign-up and use the service!  We’ll also gladly give you more information on how to take advantage of the awesome business opportunity that Send Out Cards affords you as a distributor (if you choose).

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