We provide on call emergency pet care services for  our Gold Coast Pets membership clients.  This is an exclusive service for members only.

Our clients & their pets are like family (it’s why we’re called Aunties and Uncles). We are always willing to jump in & help when or where we can in the event of a crises or emergency.

You never know when an emergency situation will arise & We’re happy to provide peace of mind that in regards to your pet care needs. It is one less thing for pet owners to have to worry about so they can focus on their current situation at hand.

Family Emergency ?

We received a text message from our client Jane that her mother was in a very bad car accident. Her mother was in intensive care & she had to leave immediately to be with her. Could we take care of their cat Samantha? As I personally do this work full time (and we always assign two or three sitters to every client in order to provide this service) we didn’t hesitate to respond that we had Samantha covered. We know that having a professional pet sitter (like Gold Coast Pet Sitting) taking care of Samantha was one less thing Jane would have to worry about. Due to our online booking system, we already knew what to do to care for Samatha & had the key to the house.

Once things calmed down we touched base with Jane to inquire about her mother and herself. We took care of Cali until she returned, and billed Jane once shey was home (or Jane could easily pay via Credit Card or bank transfer).

Baby Labor/Delivery ?

The Jones family was expecting their first baby ! Well of course Asha & Billy their dogs were their first babies so who would care for them when Chloe went into labor ? We had an idea of when Chloe was due to have the baby (she informed us and we made a note of it in our system) so I was easily able to fit the dogs into our schedule. All Chloe and her partner had to do was shoot us a message that they were on the way to the hospital. Even if it was 2 am and we were asleep, I would get the message when I got up that morning & organise taking care of the dogs asap. The Jones’ called us when it was convenient for them to touch base & to keep us updated. We continued to take care of the dogs until they were able to return home. We just settled up the bill once they were back. It once again was one less thing for these new parent to have to worry about.

Personal Emergency or Hospitalization ?

Helen’s sister had been diagnosed with cancer. Helen had been visiting her sister for long weekends in Melbourne while she underwent her chemo treatments. One day Helen got the call her sister wasn’t doing well & she had to fly to Melbourne immediately. Helen called/text us as soon as she hung up the phone asking us to care for her pet-kids (2 dogs, 2 cats and a turtle), threw together a bag & literally ran out the door! We immediately took over care for her pet-kids, & Helen was able to get to her sisters bed side to be with her. Helen notified us when her sister passed and she was going to stay longer to help with and attend the funeral. We offered our condolences & continued to care for her pet-kids until she was able to return (which was 3 weeks later). We organised special billing of Helen’s credit card to cover the on-going pet care expenses.
As with most of our services, there are no additional charges for our emergency on call service. This is a specialized service we are happy to provide as a courtesy and perk for all our established clientele and their pet-kids. The only prerequisites for providing these services is we must already have a key or access code to the home, the client profile within our system is complete and we must have previously cared for the pets at least once.
Our clients are able to contact us at anytime to ask for emergency assistance caring for their pets. If you call & we are unable to answer the phone please leave a message. We check all our messages and will respond as soon as we are able to do so.
Payment is due as soon as you can pay or upon your return (whichever we have agreed upon).

This service is not for new clients, last minute business trips or vacations in which pet care services were not established or arranged ahead of time !

Contact Vanessa for any further information!

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