Amante and Monique ( Bonogin ) Horse Sitting Gold Coast

Amante (Horse at the front) & Monique (Pony at the back) from Bonogin

Are you a horse owner ?  Do you need to travel away from home ?   

At Gold Coast Pet Sitting we understand it can be difficult to get good quality care for your horses when you want to go away, as horses are in a different category when it comes to pet sitting.

Our Horse Sitters (currently the owner, Aunty Vanessa along with Aunty Katja) are comfortable around horses to take on this kind of work. Gold Coast Pet Sitting understand horse owners will generally feel more comfortable leaving their horses in the care of a horse sitter if they know that the sitters are experienced and know how to handle horses (or any equine animal).

What Can Horse Owners Expect From A Gold Coast Pet Sitting Horse Sitter?

We understand each Horse Owner’s requirements may differ slightly (thus the reason we offer a free quote and meet n greet), but here is a general routine that many Horse Owners can expect us to fulfill while we are sitting your horses:

  • Morning Feed, Hay and General Health Check (“Head 2 Tail”)
  • Provide Fresh Water in Stable and Paddock/Turnout Area
  • Change Rugs (if needed) and put out to Graze
  • Muck-out Stable and leave bed up to dry
  • Prepare night-time hay-nets
  • Bed down and fresh Water and hang up Hay-nets
  • Poo pick the Field
  • Bring Horse in from the field, groom and general Health Check
  • Change Rugs and give them some love
  • Wound care (if required)

For all Gold Coast Sitting clients we do have a contract for you to sign, so that both you (the Horse Owner) and us have the same expectations.  Our free Meet N Greet service also will ensure that we will follow your instructions if anything does goes wrong, eg horse escapes and gets injured.

Keep in mind, we can (and do) incorporate other services along with the horse sitting, for example we offer plant watering, taking in mail, putting out garbage and rotate lighting so that it appears “you” are home. And, of course, we can also look after the other pet-family pets while we are there !   It’s even more affordable if you opt to have us as overnight pet sitters or live in house sitters at your home.

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