AAEAAQAAAAAAAAktAAAAJGZjNGMxYWRkLTUxN2YtNGVjMC05NDU5LWE5NGMwODMwNWQ5ZAI believe in the deep human-pet bond that is forever.

Some of the most touching stories are the ones about pets who mourn their owners long after they’re gone (i.e. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale). The beloved pet who waits tirelessly for weeks or months after death occurs for their human-friend to return. As your dedicated professional funeral pet assistant, I will attend the funeral with your pet and ensure it will remain comfortable, calm and safe throughout this important event.

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FREE and includes registration within my Leashtime system. It is strongly recommended you leave a key on file if you are a regular client.


Your investment …

Rehearsals and preparation $50 per hour
Funeral day $70 per hour. Minimum 2 hours

*Fuel charges may apply

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