IMG_4027I help busy dog parents improve their dogs’ quality of life whilst they’re working by offering a convenient “home away from home” boutique doggy daycare service within my home !



Doggy Day Care services have grown in popularity over recent years as dog owners don’t want to leave their dog’s locked up at home for hours. I offer a boutique premium Doggy Day Care for Gold Coast dogs from my home in Molendinar (on the Gold Coast). My Doggy Day Care gives your dog a fun and mentally stimulating experience and they’ll never get bored…

The relationship between owner and pet is an important one, my intention is to supplement your care by providing exercise and stimulation for your dog when you are busy.

I strive to ensure that all of the dogs will go home tired and happy.

      It’s strongly recommend regular attendance (weekly) to help your dog feel secure and relaxed in the daycare environment.


night-animal-dog-pet-mediumOpen Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8.00am to 5.30pm to suit your day time schedule.

Location:  Molendinar (Gold Coast, Australia)

Drop off routinely between 7.30am and 9.00am

Pickup between 4.00pm and 5.30pm.

Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays are only available by appointment and/or availability basis.

The investment in a happy, tired dog is $47 per day.

Pet taxi service: $5 per dog per trip

Payment in advance required.




english-bulldog-1130970__340What will my dog do at daycare?
I will provide several activities throughout the day to keep your dog occupied including a shell pool for splashing, bubbles/balls for chasing and rope toys for tugging. If your dog is feeling tired and is ready for a nap we supply plenty of warm, comfy locations, couches for snoozing.

Are there separate areas for big and small dogs?
As this is my home .. I am not like a kennel and operate as a cage free enviornment which means your dog has the opportunity to interact with other dogs in a natural “home-like” environment. I endeavour to only accept specific dogs after assessing them on their energy levels and temperament to ensure a harmonious environment.

What if my dog needs training?
I do offer a dog “Board N Train” package (on a limited basis) otherwise I highly recommend Gold Coast Dog Trainer (Emma).

Will my dog be fed at day care?
I encourage all dogs to be fed at home and after attending daycare, unless they are young or have special dietary requirements. If dogs are fed in our care we encourage they rest at least half an hour before and/or after their meal.

Is there a risk of a fight?
There is always a risk. It is the same risk as taking your dog to a park or the dog beach. We endeavour to reduce this risk by  having a very thorough enrolment and orientation assessment process.

pet friendly apartmentsCan I stay with my dog in daycare on their first day?
We have found the best approach is simply to drop your dog off, say a cheery goodbye and leave as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • Your dog can be receiving mixed messages from you. Dogs are very intuitive and can tell if you are nervous or apprehensive (even if you think you are not) they are less likely to leave your side and interact.
  • Even though we humans have the best intentions sometimes we can interfere with a dog’s interactions and body language.

Best to leave it to me. I’m trained (and very experienced) at reading dog body language and am familiar with the unique personalities of dogs. I will know when to intervene.

What can I expect on my dogs first day?
Just like their human counterparts dogs may take a while to warm up to in their new surroundings. They may spend most of the morning observing, this doesn’t mean they are not enjoying themselves. If we are concerned we will ring you as we certainly do not want any unhappy dogs at daycare!   ( Free LIVE updates via Instagram Stories, Snapchat or Periscope available! )

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