Dogs By Katja offers a full range of pet dog training programs and specialist workshops – Contact Katja direct 0450 453 404 or leave her a message !

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Katja Lehnert is the Pet Dog Training Manager at Jasada K9 who comes to us from Germany and is a certified animal psychologist specialising in dogs.
Since achieving her Diploma in Animal Psychology from the Academy of Animal Naturopathy in Switzerland in 2004, Katja has been travelling and working internationally training with canines and handlers in a wide field of disciplines for both pet and working dogs. Katja ‘s experience also consists of the coaching of herding dog training under renowned herding dog trainer Dale Formosa.

Katja continually updates her education and skills attending ongoing seminars conducted international industry experts. Katja specialises in puppy foundation, pet dog training and canine behavioural problem solving.


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