Ralph The PugAs your attendant for your pets during your wedding I can assist you with making sure your special day is a success with your pet-family members at your side, looking and behaving their best.

Your investment… 

Rehearsals and preparation $50 per hour  (min. 2 hours)
Wedding day $80 per hour. Extra dog $40 (min. 3 hours)

Pet Wedding Attendant + Overnight Pawjama Party Package

$307  (all inclusive)

Planning with your pet in mind:

Inform your attendants and vendors that your pet will play a role, and discuss special measures you’d like them to take. Also notify your officiate to be certain they will accept having a pet in attendance. Pre-screen wedding rehearsal locations to ascertain they will allow your pet as well.

Anticipate Potential Hazards:
Ask at the wedding site about pesticides or toxic plants on the grounds, and about creatures that might distract or threaten your pet. If your florist is adorning your pet’s collar, be sure she uses nontoxic materials. And keep pets, especially dogs, someplace safe during the reception so guests won’t feed them. Certain wedding fare, including chocolate, alcohol, and meat with bones, can be dangerous.

Practice Makes Perfect:
Bring your pet to the site before the wedding day, and have him come to the rehearsal to practice his part if he will be participating in the ceremony.

The Other “Groom”:
Take the animal to the groomer before the wedding so he’ll look his best and rid of dander. Keep adornments minimal and easy for the pet to wear. Don’t make him wear them for longer than is necessary.

Pet-Kid Role:
Choose an appropriate role for the pet-kid depending on behavior and personality. For instance, an energetic dog might need to be on a leash during the ceremony. While a more laid back pup or other pet-kid might be able to walk down the aisle on his own. A suggestion is to have your dog may bring the “faux rings” (fake rings) on a satin pillow attached to his/her collar. Its recommended that your real rings be safely tucked away and not be used for your pet to carry.

1385316_10151672884467085_822721644_nOur Services Include but not limited to the following:

  • Transportation of your pet to and from the rehearsals
  • Bathing your dog or pet-kids before the ceremony (or transporting them to and from the groomer) and dress him or her for the wedding. We can also take pictures of your dog getting dressed for you to include in your wedding album.
  • Transport your dog or pet-kids to the wedding
  • Walk your dog before the ceremony to avoid “accidents” as well as ensure a calmer dog during the wedding
  • Act as a dog-sitter throughout the wedding and/or the reception, and ensure your pet-kid doesn’t eat anyone’s food or leave “surprises” on the lawn.
  • Transport your pet-kids to a location of your choice after the wedding.
  • Provide care for your dog while you are away on your honeymoon.

Remember pets are like children…unpredictable.

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