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If your experiences with us do not live up to what we promise to deliver, we’d love to hear your perspective, because we can’t improve unless we know where we’ve gone wrong. Please be sure to contact us so that we can work to make things better for you!

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From Tina 14 May 2013 |  Cuzzy (dog) & Jimi (cat) | click here for image (testimonial sent via sms)

Sorry, it’s taken me so long to Thankyou! We got home Sun afternoon to happy animals and really lovely notes. ….. You met Kai the kookaburra! We have a pair, the other karly is a little shy though. I will leave you some food for them next time. Kai might let you hand feed him. Thanks again Bec. Tina

Testimonial from Shannon (Pet Sitting Client) 18th March 2013

Testimonial from Shannon 18th March 2013  |  click here for Aunty Rebecca’s Profile |


Testimonial Review 5 Star from Happy Client Gold Coast Pet Sitting

Happy Customer Review from WOMO.COM.AU

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Facebook Testimonial from Donna Patton 25 January 2013

Carol R. Testimonial

Carol R. Testimonial (From Word Of Mouth Online website 2013)

Facebook Testimonial Monday 29 November 2010

Facebook Testimonial (Monday 29 November 2010)

Facebook Testimonial Monday 15 November 2010

Facebook Testimonial (Monday 15 November 2010)

Facebook Testimonial (Monday 21 February 2011)

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Ann Bedford - Gold Coast Pet Sitting Testimonial - Aunty Wendy
Ann B. (Cat: Sam) – Sitter: Aunty Wendy

Lonna - Gold Coast Pet Sitting Testimonial - Aunty Rebecca
Lonna (Dogs: Bo & Miley) – Sitter: Aunty Rebecca

Client: Emily R

Pet: Sooty & Tazzy ( Cats )

“Thanks so much for looking after the cats, it makes a holiday so much more enjoyable when you know your pets are well loved! Also, thanks for covering the couches – they know they are not supposed to! And regarding the picture, don’t worry – it’s not the first that has fallen victim to their rough antics – perhaps it was a protest of us going to visit the family in the picture!! hehe! Thanks again for all your help – we will definitely call on you again.


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