Living …. in your home for 3 hours to multiple days !

Lovin’ …. your pets and your Foxtel subscription !   (hehehe)

Why do we offer this service?

Off the “top of my head”…..

  • To be honest, not a lot of professional pet sitters on the Gold Coast are available for day stays, overnight visits or live in house sitting !   The majority of other professional pet sitters on the Gold Coast (and elsewhere) have families and/or their own “zoo” to manage that they cannot offer such a service without it being an inconvienance for them.  Plus, some people just feel “wrong” about living in other peoples’ homes.  I do not.

I personally been a paid professional house sitter since late 2008…

  • Another reason is because a lot of house sitters whom you can find via websites like are not planning to do it for years and years !  (I personally have been doing this since late 2008 + hope to be around for quite some time!) The other “free” house sitters usually do it for a short time (6 months to a year) so as they can save on paying rent or have a holiday (thus they may be available now for the Gold Coast yet ultimately are planning to “travel Australia”).  Where will this person you’ve instilled your trust be in 6 months time ?  Even next year?  Will they still be around and available ?
  • People are new to the area and do not want work colleagues living in their home.
  • Other clients have used me because unlike their family friend, relatives or other people I am working whilst in their home. Whilst I love what I do and have a real passion for it – I am there working. I treat their home with the utmost respect and keep their animal(s) well being at the fore-front of the reason for my being there.  I am there for the animals – I am not there because I want a free holiday.  Also, I am a Pet Tech Pet First Aid and CPR Instructor.  Whilst your family friend, relatives or other people may “know” your pets and can do it for free ….. it is all the “what ifs” ….. can you go on holiday and have peace of mind that these people will know what to do in an emergency ?   Will they listen to your instructions or just do it their own way ?

How does the pet benefit?

Health:  The less stress your pets have to endure, the better for them.  Not to mention, I’ve found that more than a few dogs have gained fitness and enjoyed some weight loss as they are guaranteed to be exercised everyday.  Naturally, for any animals that have just returned from any type of surgery, being in their home home with a professional who can care for them will help in their recovery.

Happy:  There is a saying esp. for dogs that a tired dog is a happy dog.  This is very true.  We try to ensure that your pet has everything they need to for optimum wellness and happiness whilst in our care.

Intact Dogs and Cats (both male and female):  Generally speaking, any intact pet needs supervision.  Both intact dogs and cats (both genders) are ruled by their hormones.  When intact females are in heat, they have a higher tendency to escape.  The same applies to intact males.  Even if your cat is a 100% indoor cat, there is still the potential for a roaming Tom to some-way intrude to impregnate the female cat in heat.

Pets with “issues”:  Whilst we are not dog trainers, we are adequately knowledge-able with all the different behavioural issues animals can possess and our own techniques with how to manage them.  Whilst also working closely with local dog trainers for feedback to ensure we are doing what is best for the pets in our care.

What’s In It For You (The Client) ?

When you opt to book one of our overnight or live in pet sitters (myself included), we make your booking our top priority and work around it.  All you need is to tell us the dates you require our service and time(s) you are expected to leave and arrive.  Even if the overnight pet sitter or live in house sitter changes, you can rest assured that I personally am only contracting the best people.  Thus you need not have to worry about having to find a new house sitter and interviewing people – I have done the hard work for you already.

How popular is this service?

Extremely popular !  Thus the reason we will only accept bookings with 3 days notice minimum.  We only accept last minute (within 48 hours) bookings from current clients as we are already quite familiar with everything.  As mentioned previously, very few pet sitters on the Gold Coast are able to offer this special service.

Why is it popular?

For all the reasons listed above.  We are not going anywhere – we will always be available.  We also work as a team.  Most other house sitters (whom you can find to do your house sitting for free or cheaper) work alone. Next time ask them what their procedure or policy is in regards to when they’re ill, injured or not able to fulfill their obligations to you ?  Between myself, your assigned pet sitter and our team your pets and home is going to be loved, safe and secure.

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