Do It Yourself Rehoming of Your Beloved Pet-Kid…

With a little time, creativity, and persistence, most people are able to find a good new home for their pet themselves before having to surrender to a shelter or rescue.  CLICK HERE to learn about proven strategies for Do-It-Yourself rehoming.

Alternatively, the below is an adapted version of what is available at

Helpful Hints to Find A New Forever Home For Your Beloved Pet

Try looking to see if the breed or animal has a designated rescue group .. for example; Collie Rough Rescue Association or Staffy Rescue or Little Paws Kitten Rescue or Wildcats (for cats)…  this is easily done by searching Google.

Please be sure to have your pet DESEXED and brought up-to-date on vaccinations BEFORE you place him/her into a new home.

It is now law across Australia to ensure your pet is microchipped and to have those microchip details available for the new owner(s) so as they can update them. You can no longer re-home (even if for free) without current/working microchip details.

It is also recommended that you ask for an adoption fee (even if that fee is donated to a non-profit or rescue) ….. if the person can not afford a fee they can not afford to vaccinate or give your pet Vet treatment .. let alone good food and bathing.

Please under no circumstances DO NOT place a FREE TO GOOD HOME advertisement (always ask for a donation or fee)…. as there are unscrupulous characters who will (and do) CON people out of free pets only to try to make a profit by selling them to laboratory research, to puppy/kitten farms, selling them for a profit or dog fighting rings.   If you think this is a myth, contact RSPCA who can back this up with real life examples.

Please don’t let that happen to your pet !!

Always ask for their Vet’s phone number and ring and ask the Vet for a reference of the person enquiring ….. if they have NO Vet as this is their first pet, it will be at your discretion (and risk) whether you want to continue the re-homing process with the person(s). Just be aware that if they do not have any Vet references, you can most likely be assured your pet won’t EVER receive quality care.

Always deliver your pet to the new home personally so you get to inspect the property and the environment your pet will be living in. (If you can do this before you surrender your pet to its new owners, the better for your pet.)

Remember you are the voice for your pet .. it is relying on you to make the right decision.

Always let them think you have other enquiries to check out .. if the home is unsuitable you can say you will be making a final decision tomorrow .. DO NOT LET YOUR PET DOWN!!

There are many different reasons why people need to surrender their animals.

Every case is unique and everyone has different circumstances .. regardless of what your circumstance please explore all of your possibilities before you resort to giving your pet away.

Please contact the AWLQ by phone (07) 55 099 000 or email ….. ONLY use surrendering to a rescue or shelter as a last resort. 

Can you look after the pet while a new forever home is found for your animal?

Can you hold on to your animal while a new home is found?

Can someone in your extended family or friends network look after the animal while a new home is found?

Best Friends Rescue can advertise on our their private adoption page for you .. their service is designed to help you re-home your pet into a home you have found via their website. If you would like to use this service simply send a photo and description of your pet with your contact details …… a donation for this service is strongly encouraged and used towards savings more animals:

Do you have a pet with behaviour issues?

You may think a dog cannot learn but believe me animals are not set in their way .. by getting some dog training and by teaching them they cannot get away with the bad behaviour they will change.

Walking a dog and socialising a dog also helps wonders …. please check out Best Friends Rescue training tips or contact “Dogs By Katja” ( ) for affordable dog training (Katja is an internationally qualified dog behaviourist available for anyone within Brisbane, Gold Coast and North NSW).

Are you surrendering because of rental accommodation?

When you have an animal you should have your landlords consent before getting a pet or on your original application for a rental property …. if you are renting it would help to have References for your Pet.
There is, also, the option to find rental accommodation via the private market. Consider renting a room at a pet friendly home instead of renting a full residence. Gumtree, Easy Roommates and other similar websites can be of assistance.

Have you tried to find suitable accommodation that allows you to have a Pet?

If you do need to re-locate and have move straight away can a family member look after your pet until you find a place ?

PLEASE ONLY SURRENDER YOUR PET at a shelter or rescue as a last option after you have tried to do it yourself:

For any animal (dogs, cats, birds, livestock even rats or mice) contact AWLQ 07 55 099 000

For Guinea Pigs (and Rabbits)  contact Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue

Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue may also be of assistance in directing you whom you can contact if you have mice, rats or other similar exotic or small pets that need to be surrendered.

For Cats – contact Little Paws Kitten Rescue ( ) or Wildcats ( )

For Small, Toy and Miniature Dogs – Please Email Linda at BFR

For Medium .. Big .. Large and Working Dogs – Please Email Lisa at BFR

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