Please see below for links to registered animal charities operating in Queensland. It is through the continued support of the community that they are able to achieve brighter futures for animals in need.

(please click on the charity’s logo to visit their website)

National Desexing Network

The National Desexing Network is a program of the Animal Welfare League of Queensland and is a nationwide referral system for discounted desexing made available to pet owners in financial need. Our goal is to end pet overpopulation by making this service more affordable to those who might not otherwise be in a position to desex their pets.

PetRescue is a not-for-profit organisation that finds new homes for lost and abandoned pets. We believe every homeless pet deserves the chance to find a new loving family, but with rescue groups across the country struggling to feed and care for animals, many pets miss out on homes simply because nobody knows they are available.

Animals Australia

Animals Australia is the only national animal protection organisation that actively exposes animal abuse and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Best Friends Refuge Rescue

Best Friends Refuge Rescue and is a non-profit registered charity that saves and rehomes abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats in Brisbane on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas in Queensland Australia.

WildCats – Rescues & Rehomes Lost, Abandoned & Wild Cats and saves the Wildlife they would otherwise eat to survive! Since 2002 we have been rescuing lost, abandoned and wild cats in south east Queensland. HELP US SAVE CATS & WILDLIFE Donate securely online – all donations over $2 are fully tax deductible

Friends of the Hound

Friends of the Hound Inc. is volunteer-based and not-for-profit, relying solely on fundraising and donations. It is the generosity of the community and the efforts of our members that enable the group to achieve its aims.

Friends of the Pound Tweed Inc.

Friends of the Pound is a non-profit charitable organization, dependent solely on donations and the fund-raising efforts of our volunteers. Our primary purposes are to re-home abandoned animals and to improve conditions at the Pound. We also promote the importance of responsible pet ownership and slowly, but surely, hope to lessen the increasing number of homeless animals, particularly through encouraging the desexing of animals to reduce the appalling numbers of unwanted pets.

Animal Welfare League of QLD

The Animal Welfare League of QLD takes care of approximately 12,000 strayed and abandoned animals annually from the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. The AWL receives NO Federal or State Government funding for welfare work, relying predominantly on the community for financial support.

Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue

Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue was started in December 2005 in response to the large number of guinea pigs being surrendered to the Animal Welfare League of Qld. To view Guinea Pigs currently looking for a home visit the GC Guinea Pig Rescue website for further details.

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