Everything I know I learned from my cat:
When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re tired, nap in a sunbeam.
When you go to the vet’s, pee on your owner.
– Gary Smith

So you want to know more about the cat whom I serve?

The Story of Marnie

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She was the first ever Mum cat and kittens I had ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Little did I know at the time that I would eventually adopt her.


Mother Cat Marne and her kittens

Mother Marne and her kittens

How Marnie won me: I had to separate her from her kids (because they were “getting on her nerves”) one time by taking her from the “foster care room” to my bedroom. During that time I was lying down on my bed and she made herself comfortable on top of me (on my chest/stomach). This brought a tear to my eye as this exact behaviour was the one thing I missed the most after my beloved, Bibs, had transitioned.

After I returned her to the AWL, I made a promise to myself: if she was still available for adoption when the time was right I would do it. Around 3 months after she had left my life, I adopted her from the Animal Welfare League of Australia.  Lucky for me (and her!) she was still available for adoption.

I adore her as she does me (or so I hope!). She’s very loyal almost dog like in the way she loves to “hang out” with or around me. The only downside is that she came with a habit of biting to get her way. (Ask to see my right arm!) She means nothing more than being playful or telling me what she wants by it and never so hard to cause harm. Thus one of her nicknames in my household is “Little Miss Bitey”.

Funny little useless piece of information: Marnie was listed as “good for one cat household only” by the AWL. She got along fine with Puddy (RIP) and now my current flatmate’s cat, Tux.

Oh. I also found out she is an Aries, astrologically speaking.  It couldn’t be a more accurate way to describe her. hahaha.

She rules me whenever I am home.

Yes, the Queen of my household is de-sexed. My work at the Animal Welfare League of QLD shelter has cemented my philosopy that there is no good reason (other than legitmate breeders) to have a cat un-desexed. I’ve seen first hand the results of what happens when animals are not spayed.


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