Uncle Liam

Uncle Liam (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

Unfortunately, Uncle Liam is now working full time in his family’s business.  He would like to thank all our clients for allowing him to have an awesome experience as a Professional Pet and House Sitter on the Gold Coast.

Uncle Liam is our North Gold Coast Pet Sitter. He’s available for overnight live in pet/house sitting as well as dog walking and pet sitting visits within the North Gold Coast regions.

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Uncle Liam moved to the Gold Coast in 2005 after living his childhood in Upper Beaconsfeild, a small town in Victoria.  They lived on a large property but decided to move for his father’s career and the weather; a decision he was very happy about.

Uncle Liam has had a lot of pets through the years; Bonnie was his first dog and she was a treat, always a friend to Uncle Liam from birth up till he was around 4 years old.  After she passed on, Wallace and Gromet came into the picture; Wallace – an English Pointer from a breeder and Gromet, a Kelpy cross German Shepard cross something else(!) from the pound.

Uncle Liam doted on these two pooches and they all used to play together constantly.  Wallace was a scream – he was totally uncoordinated and had a terrible habit of unknowingly running into people!   They both passed to old age last year and now his new ball of fur is Eevee, a pure bred English Staffy, and he says she is an absolute treat.  She is incredibly bright and knows quite a few tricks including a high five!  Uncle Liam has also had a fair number of fish over the years and a Blue-tongue lizard named Dobby.

At the moment Uncle Liam is only owned by Eevee, but he tells us she gives him plenty to handle!  She is a little ball of affection that just loves human contact and loathes being left out.   Uncle Liam tells us that if someone is home she will gravitate toward them, always trying to be in the same room.  She works very well as a foot warmer as she has a love of feet and is happiest and most content when she is laying on someone’s!

Uncle Liam’s love of animals comes from the bonds he’s has built with them over the years and he cherishes every moment with them.

Uncle Liam sees all animals as beautiful and says that, in particular, when you have a dog, it is always happy to see you, and always brightens your day, no matter what.  A dog truly is a man’s best friend.


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