Lisa - Raven Reiki - Animal Healer

Lisa is Gold Coast Pet Sitting’s resident Certified Reiki Master Teacher, specializing in teaching and practicing Animal Reiki. She live in beautiful Ormeau Ridge.

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She has had a special communication with animals since childhood and has always understood them.

The first nine years of Lisa’s life were spent growing up in a high rise apartment in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs – with four adults. One of which was her deaf poppy.

When she was about two years old, Lisa’s poppy would take her to the park in her stroller which was about 100 metres from their apartment block. Each morning as they left the building, a large Airedale dog would appear and walk beside her stroller. He would sit patiently whilst she played on the swings and promptly chaperoned them back. Once safely home, he disappeared. Nobody knew who owned the dog and he wasn’t particularly warm and friendly, but he did this until she outgrew the little park. Animals have been her guardians throughout her life.

Lisa’s first companion was a beautiful Persian cat named “Tippy”. She says he was a lovely cat, but not that much fun to play with. He wasn’t that thrilled about life in a high-rise apartment! The neighbourhood she lived in was rather up-market as her family were in the horse-racing business, so there weren’t a lot of children about.

There were however, many dogs. Her closest friends were Sarah the Golden Labrador (who had a jet black beauty spot on her muzzle!). She was always laughing even though she had severe hip dysplasia. Then there was a boxer who belonged to an elderly lady who rarely left her home due to illness. He was a gentle and caring fellow. Romulus the Maltese came to stay because he followed her home one day – his owners offered a huge reward for his return; her mum was none-too-pleased!

Animal Reiki By Lisa - Raven Reiki

At around age six, Lisa learned how to horse-ride. Growing up in the racing industry, she would often go to early morning track-work with her Grandfather and ride the stable ponies. Her first own pony was named
Adam. He was a dun and a gentle fellow. Then came Champ, a beautiful chestnut Arab who tolerated years of dressage and cross-country.
He loved music. In particular, a song called “Little Arrows” by Leapy
Lee. Whenever he heard that song, he would prance like a Lipizzaner. He always made her laugh. Years went on and she moved to Cairns in the far north of Queensland. She had to say goodbye to Champ as it was
just too far to take him by float. She was twelve years old and very sad but once settled in Cairns, along came Clancy the Palomino; bone lazy and hilarious. She met many more horses before leaving Cairns to return south once more. The one thing she says about horses is their sense of humour. They’re quite dry apparently!

Time went by and her parents moved from Cairns to the Gold Coast. Lisa met her husband in Robina and they moved back up to Cairns where she worked with Paws Outdoors, caring for many difficult dogs and in
particular, animals that needed particularly sensitive treatment.

In 2010, they relocated to the Gold Coast and now reside in beautiful Ormeau Ridge sharing their home with three beautiful K9 kids: Anika is their eldest at 7 years of age, she is a sable Chihuahua x Tenterfield who makes it quite clear to everyone exactly WHO is the boss and Jack is their rescue boy.

After hearing Jack sobbing in a Cairns backyard, Lisa offered the owner what money she had on her at the time and took him home. It took many months of love, understanding, compassion and a good stable diet to get him to where he is today. Jack is a Shi-Tzu x Maltese hippy – Peace-love-dope: That’s Jack!

Last, but DEFINITLY not least – their baby Charlize. Charlee is an eighteen month old Shi-poo – that’s Shitzu x Toy Poodle and she has one feisty personality! She is too cute for her own good and loves everyone! Lisa and her husband always say “we live in a kennel”!

Lisa has always been an animal communicator; she didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary! She has always preferred their company to those of humans simply because she seemed to understand them more

Lisa says that animals openly communicate all the time; all we have to do is listen! Horses, in particular, are extremely sensitive and always worry about their owners (or keepers). Dogs are loyal to the enth degree and will absorb all their human’s worries and pain. They are extraordinary beings.

Animal Reiki By Lisa

About ten years ago Lisa was at a psychic fair and noticed a Reiki practitioner offering free ten minute treatments. She had never had a Reiki treatment before and didn’t know what to expect. The Practitioner
explained that Reiki was a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promoted healing. It was done through touch and a warm and soothing energy would flow through the practitioner’s hands promoting relaxation and releasing tension. It was after that that Lisa decided to give it a go.

Whilst she was in a state of deep relaxation, she spoke out loud and said the words “Animal Reiki”. She asked the pratitioner about this and she told Lisa that she was unaware at the time of anyone “doing Animal Reiki”. Lisa had a strong sense that this was something she should know more about.

Over the years she studied more about animal communication and Animal Reiki and undertook her certification as a Qualified Reiki Practitioner, specializing in Animal Reiki.Throughout her life Lisa has been loved and protected by animals and feels humbled and honoured to now be able to couple her lifelong vocation of communication with all animals with the powerful, gentle and healing energy of Reiki.

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