Maria is the Gold Coast Pet Sitting Virtual (Office) Assistant !


Maria - VA

Maria is the lovely lady behind our office phone number as well as the one who organises everyone especially Aunty Vanessa!  She has been contracted with Gold Coast Pet Sitting since late 2012 🙂 

Maria originally hails from the Emerald Isle of Ireland but has lived and worked all over the world in her “pursuit of happiness” including Malta, New York and Thailand.

She has always shown potential as an administrator, her first job at 12 years old being as a newsagents’ assistant, organising the local paper deliveries for all the paper boys!  She then went on to finish her grammar school education in the UK and whilst she had won a place at sixth form college, she preferred to venture out in the the big wide world of “work”.

At 16, she was taken on by a local double-glazing firm as a clerical assistant where she was quickly promoted to junior secretary to the boss of the firm.  Thereafter she worked for a number of companies before deciding to move to New York at the age of 21 to help run the family pub and restaurant business.

Gin - Maria's Pet-Kids

Gin – Maria’s Pet-Kids (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

Maria returned to the UK in her mid 20s and after a number of administrative positions she found herself back in Ireland working as an Office Manager for a PR and Promotions company.  It was this job that really cemented her love of organising and she went on to stay with them for seven years promoting and assisting with some of the biggest events Northern Ireland had ever organised.  This included organising concerts for the likes of U2, Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, Westlife, Boyzone, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart and many, many other huge artists and bands.   The biggest event of all was probably the organisation of the first ever Bill Clinton visit to Northern Ireland.

In a landmark decision to change her life, she left Ireland at the age of 40, and a new adventure began for Maria – she decided on a complete change of career and decided to buy her own pub and restaurant.  She managed and ran a very successful business in the UK for 3 years before meeting her fiancé, Dan and decided to sell up and travel the world with him.

After a year-long stint working for a Safari Park (helping to care for baby elephants and tigers) and teaching English in Thailand (she was once persuaded to put her head in a crocodile’s mouth for the hell of it – and she did!!!!) both Maria and Dan decided they needed to put some roots down and Maria wanted to find a more traditional position, still within the animal industry and that’s how she became to be working for Vanessa at Gold Coast Pets.

Mac as a puppy - Maria's Pet-Kids

Mac as a puppy – Maria’s Pet-Kids (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

Maria and her family have always been dog owners from the Grandparents down, and always Staffies!  They are her great passion.

Maria continues to work in the animal industry in Australia in a position where she can demonstrate her organisational skills in an industry that she loves – all things animals.


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