Aunty Wendy

Aunty Wendy (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

Aunty Wendy is our part-time dog walker and pet sitting carer for Central and South Gold Coast.

Aunty Wendy has lived on the Gold Coast for the last 14 years, having grown up in her homeland of Tassie.

Her friends call her Mother Nature, or The Cat Goddess, for her love of, and ability to communicate with all creatures great and small.

Her connection with, and love of animals, started when she was just but a twinkle in her mum’s tum – their cat, Sie, would lie on her mum and be amused as growing baby Wendy kicked and rolled around inside. Wendy has had animals in her life ever since – from cats, dogs, guinea pigs, horses, mice, birds, fish, ducks, chickens and lizards – she is at her happiest in their company.

She is no stranger to grief having experienced the loss of her two elderly cats and her beloved German Shepherd who passed away peacefully in her arms; she can empathise with the pain of losing a cherished pet family member.

Whilst Wendy has no professional training with animals her endless and lifelong experience of caring for animals has turned her passion into a vocation.


Abigail (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

Wendy is currently mum to 3 kitties – Ruby, 13, Abigail 10, and Hamish, who at 9 months old, is exploding with cattitude! All are rescue cats who live a life of leisure – and pleasure – where Wendy is their maid and they are pretty much in control! Her home on the main canal in Mermaid Waters is also a sanctuary for many wild ducks, birds and swans who come daily to say hello.

When Aunty Wendy is not pet sitting, she is a reality and factual television freelance producer, working on various national and international projects. She grew up in the television industry and even though it’s full of “animals” – she still prefers the four legged kind.

Looking after animals is her greatest pleasure and Wendy says its her duty in this life. She looks after all animals with the same care and respect whether they belong to her personally or someone else. Wendy believes that each and every animal is an individual with their own needs, wants and desires and she feels honoured to serve them.


Hamish (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

Fun facts about Aunty Wendy:

  • Her dear old fish Boss was 12 years old when he passed away recently; she had a small ceremony for him.
  • Her friend Mr Crow brought her a little bouncy ball as a thank you present!
  • Buddy the Feral Cat – who after 7 patient months, now not only sits with Wendy but finally lets her pat him and loves a smooch.
  • A fish benefitted from Wendy’s life-saving mouth to mouth and lived on for another two years!
  • She has owned horses for 20 years.
  • She is an active supporter of and as well as other local and national Animal Welfare Organisations.
  • She is an aspiring animal photographer.
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