Aunty Jane with her dog Megs

Aunty Jane with her dog Megs (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

Aunty Jane is an Overnight Live In Pet/House Sitting specialist across the Gold Coast.  She’s also available for dog walking and pet sitting visits within the Central and South Gold Coast regions.

Read 5 reasons why Aunty Jane considers being a dog sitter is the best job!

Aunty Jane moved from Melbourne a little under a year ago for a sea change with her partner, Trevor and their dog, Meg. Meg is Jane’s stunning 5 year old ‘blonde’ border collie – first born from a litter of black and whites. Meg’s parents, Harry & Polly are owned by dear friends of Jane’s and she had been a major part of their lives too before coming up to QLD.

Aunty Jane had Meg in training with Anna Lindars from Alma Dogs in Melbourne from the get go and she soon became dux of the class. She can take her anywhere off lead (where off lead is allowed of course) – and she’s the best café dog in town! She knows how to count coffees!

Owning pets has been a big part of Jane’s life right from childhood until the present day. Her first pet was a black cat called Put Put, and it was sad when she had to be put to sleep at 16 years old when the family moved to Australia from NZ. Aunty Jane also had a pair of pet rabbits, called Buns and Snuffy as a teen, and says they make the best pets for children.

As an adult she had a beautiful Queensland healer for a short while and then Charlie her first border collie – and inspiration for Harry and Polly and their only litter which produced Meg – so there’s the full circle!

When Aunty Jane’s father was a lad, he had a pair of Hungarian Hares called Digger and Trixie who were so big they had all of the neighbourhood dogs in fear. They would bring the paper in and tear the covers off the boys to get them out of bed – hence Jane’s mum being inspired to get her rabbits – her dad forgot to tell them of the naughty things they did too.

Dog Friendly Society - Australia

Dog Friendly Society – Australia (Photo credit: Gold Coast Pets)

She also remembers as a kid, her dad bailing up a man on the street who was threatening to hit his dog with a stick – he scared the man into backing down, and Jane had never seen her dad so upset and passionate – and even though they never had dogs as pets, her love and concern for dogs has been with her ever since that moment. This led to Jane and Trevor co-founding the Dog Friendly Society (with various locations) on Facebook – The Dog Friendly Society not only standing for animal welfare but mostly for encouraging ‘people’ education around companion pets in the community.

Jane loves the fact that she gets to meet such a variety of pooches (and felines) with such different personalities, quirks and even senses of humour! She adores the fact that she gets to walk around some of the Coasts’ beautiful parklands, keeping herself and her pet charges fit.

She also feels extremely fortunate to have the privilege of some furry sleepovers in lovely homes, usually getting woken up with wet whiskered kisses. Meg would be so mad if she only knew!

Best of all, she is passionate about the bond that is created when she walks/looks after/trains or babysits a pet over some time, especially for long periods of overnighters.

Aunty Jane says that “Every pet has taught me about how different their needs can be … no two dogs are the same, similar yes, same not – I love the challenges and their unconditional love … even the tough nuts soften eventually”

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