“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?” —Jonathan Safran Foer

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IMG_4027Garry also known as #GarryGaz, Gazza, “Little Mutt” is a Tibalier (a King Charles Cav with Tibetan Spaniel mix).  He also has the benefit of being called my first dog.   As my Marnie’s story, I’ve been raised with cats all my life.  There was one dog when I was a baby-toddler however as my family gave him away when I was that young I wasn’t able to really appreciate being a “dog owner”.

Garry’s story starts when I moved into his home to rent out a room.  (Marnie was with me of course.)  At the time, Garry lived with his original human “mum”, another dog called Juddy, two horses and a cat in Molendinar.  Unfortunately, his original human mum was a horse person more than a dog person (a fact she admitted to me a few times whilst living there).   She also admitted to not being invested in him in anyway by calling him rat dog and ugly mutt etc.   Whilst saying this, she DID spend the dollars to save his life when he acquired a paralysis tick.

None the less, he won me over pretty soon after I moved in. I could see his intelligence, his personality and (naturally) could also see his handsome-ness/beauty.

As I was renting a room within a home on acreage, Garry had a penchant for being an escape artist.  Not entirely his fault.  He was bored.  Unless I walked him, he wouldn’t receive any exercise and no training (I did what I could naturally however as he wasn’t my dog I couldn’t do everything).

One day he did this one too many times and my flatmate put his photo up on her Facebook profile “Free To Good Home”.  This time she meant it (as she had done this before however backed down).  So I went all out calling everyone I knew to find someone who could give him a home.   One of my pet carer contacts (Nikki from Pesky Pooch) “saved the day” for me.  She happily took him as his new home.

Now crunch time:  Nikki couldn’t ultimately keep him either however was happy to give him a home whilst I made a decision as to what the next step would be for Garry.

Did I adopt him as my own or help re-home him ?

Well. It’s pretty obvious that I decided to adopt him or else I wouldn’t be writing this ! 😀

Due to making that decision, it also meant I had to move out of where I had been living (and Garry had been) for the last (nearly) two years.

I’m not quite sure as to Garry’s real age however the best guess is that he is around 3 years old.

Thus as of 19 May 2014 I mark this as “Garry’s Birthday” because now he LIVES not just exists.



“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.” —Christopher Morley

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