Gold Coast Pet Sitting’s Doggie Bootcamp is suited to the Pet Parent who wants a premiere house sitting service which involves the help of a Professional Pet Behaviourist/Trainer to accomplish the things you don’t have the time, talent or dedication to do.

Katja (highly experienced and internationally qualifed dog behaviourist) does the training separately, then works with your assigned professional house sitter to show them how to keep the training up.

The best part, your dog is trained in and around your home, while your away. Now you can really relax whilst you are away from home !

When you book our Doggie Bootcamp service, we will:

  • Care for your dog(s) and condition them in their own home. Your dog doesn’t have to be boarded (saving money!) or stay with other people who aren’t 100% devoted to them as we will be 🙂
  • Address and/or fix behavioral issues your dog may be having such as: excessive barking or chewing, housebreaking, jumping on guests, separation anxiety, escaping out the door or yard, stealing food, submissive or dominance problems etc…
  • Provide obedience training tailored to your dog(s). We will get your dog to understand and respond to many commands on and off leash – like sit, stay, down, come, go to bed, not to pull on leash or chase other animals, etc
  • Care for your home i.e. security, garbage cans to the street, bring mail or paper inside etc…

Bonus: 2 x FREE Consultations with Katja (internationally qualified and highly experienced dog behaviourist/trainer) valued at over $100 if you book this service through Gold Coast Pet Sitting. Your first free consultation is done prior to service to assess your pet and tailor a programme. Your second free consultation is done after at a time suitable to you to help re-enforce what your dog(s) have learned.

Please contact us for any further questions or to schedule your FREE consultation. We request a minimum of 14 days advance notice to ensure the availability of one of our professional live in house sitters and Katja. All house sitters have police checks and current references available. A minimum of 1-2 hours training with Katja everyday is included.

Prices start at $200 per day with a minimum of 3 days booking required.

BOOK NOW … do not delay !

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