I'm Proud to be a Foster Failure
My Y is a Tuxedo cat named Marnie. I’m single. I don’t want to have children for my own reasons (and no I’m not going to ever change my mind on it) thus my family is my cat Marnie and me 🙂 Marnie comes with her own story which links in to my Y 🙂

She is an ex AWLQ cat. More than that she is an ex AWLQ cat that was classed as a stray with 4 kittens. She was my first ever “mother” cat and kittens I had ever experienced in my life. At the time I was a foster carer for the AWLQ. I was fostering cats/kittens for them and loving it. Loved each and every cat and kitten that came through my life.

Anyway, Marnie enters my life. That decision when the AWLQ asked me if I would like to foster more kittens or a “mum and bubs” has changed my life !!

One day I had to remove Marnie from the “foster room” (a spare room that was ‘converted’ to be the foster room)… and let her spend some time with me personally (just her and me) in my bedroom. She did one ‘little’ thing… one thing none of the other cats (and certainly the kittens) had ever done: I was lying on my bed on my back. She lay on my chest.

She didn’t know it but this was the exact ‘thing’ that I had been missing when my beloved Bibs (whom shared a monumental phase of my life) left my life (I made the very hard decision to help her transition). I shed some tears when Marnie did this so effortlessly. She also showed her own personality because she didn’t have to be “mum” in this space (in my bedroom).. just “her”. I really liked her.

There is a saying in foster care circles: The way to determine if in fact a pet whom you are fostering is the right one to adopt … give yourself three weeks (after you’ve returned it to the organisation if it hasn’t been adopted). If you’re still thinking about this specific pets three weeks later (as usually you have other foster pets to care for by that time)… then give it serious thought. I lived by this rule.

Marnie was the only foster cat that I thought about often afterwards.

Time passed. She was returned to the AWLQ, desexed and available for adoption. Her kittens also were eventually returned ready for adoption too. Other foster cats passed through my life whilst I was waiting for the right moment.. and then it finally came. Things in my life finally seems to come together to say “now you are ready”… and lucky for me (fate ??) Marnie was still available for adoption three months later !

So I adopted Marnie. My Y is my promise I made to Marnie: to provide her everything she needs until the day she has to transition too. My Y is also to get back into foster care – this time beyond just cats and kittens: old pets as well as guinea pigs.

Y I want to be successful and do everything I can to overcome every obstacle for my business: Marnie followed by all those animals in our local community whom just need a temporary loving home esp. the old/senior animals. I would really like to be able to provide some of them a good few last years as well … plus get into some guinea pig fostering.. and so forth.

All this requires money and time. To be able to have both I am working my butt off now as I feel the pay off later is worth it.

In amongst this is a smaller Y that is woven into it: to also help people to afford and realise Y they need to microchip their pets 😉 I’m a Gold Coast girl thru and thru. I want to give back to my home 🙂 “help my backyard”.

This is my Y.

Whenever you support Gold Coast Pet Sitting, you support my Y and my ability to achieve my Y !


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