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Has Gold Coast Pet Sitting made your life easier? How?

Lynne (Sorrento) — God bless Auntie V’s little cotton socks, she is a god send and my dogs love her

Sandra (Runaway Bay) — Yes. It has eleviated the worry of having to leave my dogs at home alone and unattended

Belinda (Burleigh Waters) – Yes, by knowing my cats were looked after and not feeling bad that I had asked friends to look after them over xmas.

Carol (Labrador) — Just knowing that there is someone who I can trust to look after my little man, and who really care about animals has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders

Susan (Broadbeach Waters) — Yes. I was able to go away for a few days. Without care for our dog we would not have gone away.

Kirsty (Elanora) — Definitely. They always try to be flexible and work in with us, even on short notice.

Rebecca (Pacific Pines) — Much easier. I felt no worries leaving our pets in the care of Vanessa from Gold Coast Pet Sitting. We could enjoy our holiday with peace of mind.

Liz (Burleigh Waters) — My cats, Frankie and Willow both have their quirks and individual personalities. GCPS take the care of my cats very seriously. When I go away I know that they are fed, watered, played with and cared for, in their own home, without putting them through the stress of a cattery, or random people coming to feed them.

What did you find remarkable about Gold Coast Pet Sitting ?

Lynne (Sorrento) — The way my two doglets adore Auntie V, my dogs love her, so do I, which I noticed the first time I used GCPS services. The tell tale sign for me is if I get back from a weekend or time away, I look at my doglets and I can tell they have been stressed so it was a huge relief to see they did not have that stressed look about them.

Sandra (Runaway Bay)It’s a personalized service, and the sitters are extremely caring

Belinda (Burleigh Waters) — The open communication

Carol (Labrador) Just the level of care and dedication to the welfare of animals.

Susan (Broadbeach Waters) — The mail had been brought in and the house didn’t look as if we were away. We also had a note about how our dog was behaving while we were away.

Kirsty (Elanora) — The photos and summaries of their adventures has been such a delight to receive.

Rebecca (Pacific Pines) — The friendly service and peace of mind.

Liz (Burleigh Waters) — It’s remarkable to find a service that is clearly in it for the love of it, not just to “have a job”. Knowing that my animals are getting affection while I am away is reassuring.

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