What happens during a typical dog walk ?

This is the general run down that all the team at Gold Coast Pet Sitting generally follow:

  • The first 5 minutes usually involves us arriving, greeting the pets and putting leashes upon the pets.  We prefer to only do “neighbourhood” walks with all pets on leash until we are confident with the dogs (and vice versa) to take them to dog parks and/or otherwise do other off leash activities.
  • The next 20 minutes involves us walking and/or running the dogs. This is the “exercise” portion of our dog walks.  From personal experience, I have found that most dogs are excited at the start of our walks that we need to “run their excitement out” initially.  If they are older or not as excitable we will walk for this portion.
  • Break for 5 minutes within a shady spot as well as allow the dogs access to water for hydration
  • The next 15 minutes is the “play” or  “fun” portion of our walk.  We focus less on the exercise (walking) and more on the fun. Because we only ever walk two dogs at any one time we can personalise this portion of the walk to suit them. If the dog is elderly or not as energetic, we focus on less intensive activities even if it is just to walk around aimlessly to pee on a bush and sniff another bush.
  • The final 15 minutes is the cool down period. This is where we will endeavour to have your pets safe at home. After ensuring your pets have clean fresh water to keep hydrated we will stay on the property for these last moments to ensure all is well with the pets.  For regular dog walking clients, we will use some of this time to write in the diary that you are given by us to give you an account of their adventure.  For those who are not fussed about diaries, we will just hang out with the pets in their own yard.
  • Prior to leaving we will ensure your home is secure.

Naturally, the above is adjusted according to the pets’ and their parents’ individual needs and preferences.  This is why we prefer to work with the maximum of two dogs at any one time as well as only provide one hour long walks even for smaller dogs.

If you prefer to only do a 30 minute walk then we can provide you a quote however we prefer to do one hour in duration dog walking adventures so as we can provide a superior level of care.

Gold Coast Pet Sitting offers a myriad of choices for the dog owner to ensure their dogs are happy, safe and stress-free. Please contact us to get your free no obligation quote today !

If you are requiring a dog walker who provides group walks or more socialisation interaction within your walks please contact us for a referral.

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