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Is this for real!?

It certainly is ! All over the country new dog/pet waste removal services are being started, and customers are signing up for them. Demographics and social trends point to an accelerating demand for personal services for busy professionals and executives, single parent households, and people who simply have better things to do than scoop up after dogs (or can’t touch the kitty litter as they are pregnant).

How much do you charge for this service?

Daily Visits is $20….  Every second or third day is $25… Once A Week is $45… “Once off” is $50.  Please note our prices are per visit and all inclusive (no public holiday or weekend surcharges). Yard size surcharges may apply.

What do you do with the waste you collect?

We simply place the waste into plastic bags and leave it your bin. Otherwise, for an extra cost, we are willing to dispose of the poop away from your residence.

How long does it take to clean a yard?

Some small yards or dog runs can be cleaned in just a few minutes. A first-time or one-time cleanup in a yard that hasn’t been cleaned for a year or more could take an hour — thus the reason your quote is personalised according to your needs.

What kind of tools do you use?

We use a “lobby dust pan,” and a small rake, and plastic trash bags. (Forget about those scissors-type “pooper-scoopers” sold in pet shops. They’re simply not made for this kind of work.) We also wear disposable gloves and sanitize our footwear before and after each booking. We have learnt techniques that will enable us to find all the waste in a yard without wasting precious time.

What do you do in the winter or rain or hot days ?

Work ! On rare occasions rain or adverse weather may postpone a day’s work, but dogs keep doing their thing all year long, and so do pooper scoopers.

Could you also clean apartments and condo grounds?

Absolutely! Most of our work is in the back yards of family homes, but we are open to discussing servicing commercial accounts, too.

Why would anyone pay you to clean up after dogs?

Busy dog-owners are delighted to pay someone to have this done! Many dog owners need a way to dispose pet waste that is both legal and practical. Uncollected dog feces is a significant contributor to ground water pollution. Uncleaned back yards stink, they annoy the neighbors and attract flies that lay their eggs on the feces and then move on. Pets and people using dirty yards track poop into the house. You can provide simple, neat, and cost-effective solutions to all these problems and more. Lack of time; physical difficulty; and the “Repugnance Factor” mean many people are more than happy to pay someone to do this necessary chore. Some clients even tell us we are a “Godsend” and credit us with stopping family quarrels!

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