If you require a cattery on the Gold Coast,  Gold Coast Pet Sitting can confidently recommend the following as the owner, Vanessa, has personally inspected and met with each business.  You can be rest assured with the following catteries, that they care about providing quality service !

Carmichael’s Cattery – “5 star accommodation for your cat”

All our suites are luxury standard with their own window, giving them access to the outside veranda for sunning on lazy afternoons.

Each suite has an elevated sleeping area with rope scratching ramps, and a private litter area on the ground floor.

Very comfy bedding is provided and toys for those who like to play the day away.

From the sleeping area and window, our guests can view the many birds attracted to the 400 native trees and shrubs on our property.

To ensure our guests are always comfortable, our Cattery can be climate controlled with heating for the chilly nights and air-conditioning for those hot summer days.


The Vet Lounge Cat Suites – ” Luxury Accommodation “

The Cat Suites have 10 premium destinations to please even the finest traveller. Choose from Paris, Japan, Australia, Greece, India, Tahiti, Italy, England, Dubai and the United States. We bring together inspirations and influences from around the world to provide this luxury accommodation.

Each private suite is individually air conditioned and ventilated for optimal temperature and air quality. Suites can also be heated during the winter months if required, to provide all year round comfort and protection. The Cat Suites are protected from noise and only the sounds of the gentle music we play can be heard. Your cats personal carer will be a trained Veterinary Nurse who will pander to your cats every whim and ensure they are healthy and happy during their holiday.


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