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Boarding your beloved cats in catteries or kennels can be a highly stressful situation, for both yourself and especially your cats. Gold Coast Pet Sitting offers convenience, flexibility and peace of mind by keeping the Queen and Kings of your household in their usual environment and routine.

Cat Sitting vs Cat Boarding & Catteries

  • The Queen or King of your household gets to stay at home in its familiar surroundings, with no long drive to a cattery/cat boarding facility, with unfamiliar smells and sounds.
  • The Queen or King of your household is kept in its normal routine by being fed the same meals at similar times.
  • Increased security and love for YOUR home as your home gets looked after too ! I bring in mail, alternate lights and generally keep an eye on the place in your absence.  Plus by employing a reliable, trusthworthy professional with access to your home we can alert you when and if there are any problems to ensure you return to a “healthy” home not just cats.
  • 8433338775_a07ff87433_mIf anything were to happen to the Queen or King of your household in your absence, I will take puss straight to your usual Vet, who has your cat’s history.  Vanessa is Pet Tech First Aid certified. I will administer first aid thus saving you unnecessary trips to the vet whilst also knowing how to deliver CPR or when a vet visit is required.
  • Keeping the Queen or King of your household at home means less exposure to contagious diseases and parasites which could potentially be picked up from other animals at boarding facilities.

I offer a myriad of choices for the cat owner to ensure their cats are happy, safe and stress-free. Prices start from $27 per visit – please contact us to get your free no obligation quote today !

If you are after a quality cattery for your cat, Vanessa can confidentially recommend Carmichael’s Cattery and The Cat Suites.  Vanessa has personally met the owners, staff and amenities of both catteries to ensure they offer QUALITY cat care

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