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As a lifelong cat “owner” I can attest to the following quote:

Time spent with cats is never wasted.

Cats, more so than dogs, prefer to keep their routines. Taking the cat to a cattery where there are strange noises and smells will only ensure you are going to have to deal with a sick cat in some capacity on your return.  As this article says “stress might be unwanted attention, a dirty litter box or strange noises“.   Employ a professional live in house sitter or cat sitter to come to your home to ensure their stress levels are minimised.

A professional cat sitter will ensure that your cat(s) only receive WANTED attention (and know when your cat(s) has “had enough”), ensure litter boxes are cleaned and help to minimize strange noises.

Gold Coast Pet Sitting offers a myriad of choices for the cat owner to ensure their cats are happy, safe and stress-free.  

If you are after a quality cattery for your cat, Gold Coast Pet Sitting can confidentially recommend Carmichael’s Cattery and The Cat Suites.  The owner of Gold Coast Pet Sitting has personally met the owners, staff and amenities of both catteries to ensure they offer QUALITY cat care.

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