How to celebrate Hug Your Dog Day

How to celebrate Hug Your Dog Day

TODAY IS Hug Your Dog Day

Did you know HUG YOUR DOG DAY is NOT about actually hugging your dog (which stresses out most dogs anyway) ?

Hug Your Dog Day is here to help remind you that your four legged companion deserves recognition, and the importance of building the bond between you by understanding how life is when you see it from four legs.

Hug Your Hound Day is about learning how to make your relationship with your pet that much better !

How to celebrate Hug Your Dog Day…

First, give that lovable ball of fur and teeth an appropriate hug (that won’t stress them out) and tell them how much you love them. Then take some time thinking about how their world looks from their point-of-view. From that point-of-view you can start figuring out what kind of problems they have and seek out ways to help curb them. Most negative behaviors are signs of an unhappy pet, and Hug Your Dog Day is all about making sure your canines are happy and healthy !

How did you celebrate today with your canine friend/s ?


  1. hugged and patted and sat with my dog on the porch together looking out over the park

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