6 tips for taking great care of your diabetic pet

6 tips for taking great care of your diabetic pet

by Pet Industry Association of Australia staff

Diabetes: there is probably no other diagnosis in the companion animal world that requires so much of the pet parent. When I make a diagnosis of diabetes in a cat or a dog, the first thing I do is have a serious conversation with the owner to make sure they are up to the challenge of taking care of a diabetic pet, because not everyone is.

I tell pet parents that they must be capable of giving injections, monitoring blood and urine glucose levels, and making sure that they are home for their pet every 12 hours to feed and administer insulin. Diabetes is probably the most difficult chronic condition we manage in companion animals. But having unregulated or poorly regulated diabetes subjects the animal to a host of complicatioins, so if you’re going to accept the challenge, do so whole-heartedly.

If you’re going to protect your pet against heartworm disease, you can’t give the preventative every other month. If you’re going to treat your pet’s diabetes, be ready to take all the steps your veterinarian recommends to do so.

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