My personal dog and cat nutrition journey ….

My personal dog and cat nutrition journey ….

Whilst I am up-front I am a distributor for Frontier Pets … I didn’t come about to decision to do so without a lot of thought and (years of) research myself into dog nutrition (as I’m a big believer that food is medicine esp. for our pets).

My education started way back when I did my first Pet Tech, Inc. First Aid & Care for Your Pets Petsaver class (…. it opened my eyes up to how vital a role nutrition plays in my pets health (cats and dogs))… then from there I have been “digesting” a lot of information from various sources… both traditional and holistic vets, vegan vets + communities, dog naturopaths, canine and feline nutritionists (people who have done extensive study), reading what all the companies “say” about their foods and so forth.

Whilst I am not officially qualified by a long shot and my knowledge will definitely have gaps (I’m a forever student in this) I come to my dog and cat nutrition knowledge ultimately from an angle of wanting to give my pets the best chance in a long happy healthy life. I also come to it via my own personal ethos of “vegan-inspired reductionism” (where I try to reduce the footprint I leave and basically be mindful of my consumption)

Also, due to finances and up until the last two years I was share-housing for most of my adult life I was always searching for convenient affordable ways to feed. I don’t have unlimited freezer space nor money so feeding a completely raw diet is out of both my budget and ability. Thus I looked into the next best thing: feeding a mixed diet of raw and “other” (other usually being kibble).

I went to Petbarn (who is one of the largest pet stores due it being part of “the Greencross family”).. and read ALL the labels of ALL the kibble in the premium section (both cat and dog). I was searching and searching for something that did NOT have cereals listed as the second or third product (it’s a filler and cats certainly don’t need it)… I was also searching for something affordable that would actually list which meats and meat by products were used not just lump them together as “meat and meat by-products” (I’ve become skeptical on the quality of the meat and what exactly “they” mean by “by products”) … a product that would have more protein, not a lot of fat and little carbs (our pets don’t need a lot of carbs).

I wanted to go with the other similar options of ZiwiPeak and K9 Natural however they’re made in NZ … I was looking for an Australian brand … I even tried Vets All Natural by Dr Bruce Syme.

Thus here I am and now will avoid kibble (or anything in that category) as much as humanly possible.

* just fyi, even “grain free” isn’t to be trusted 🙁

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