TIPS FROM CAT OWNERS TO CAT OWNERS – Secrets To Finding Your Missing Cat

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This was on Gumtree:

Our much loved kitty has been missing since Sunday night 14th July. She never misses a meal so we are worried that she might be injured and / or hiding in someones garden.If you see her could you please call us. She is desexed and microchipped. Reward offered. THANKS TO EVERYONE , A KIND LADY DID LOOK IN HER GARDEN! WE HAVE KITTY BACK. VERY SCARED BUT FINE!!!!!! GOOD LUCK STORY FOR THE DAY. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL, HOPE YOU FIND YOUR LITTLE FRIENDS.


From Sarah whose missing cat was found inside house (from Pimpama Neighbours page):

WE FOUND HER !!!!!! She was on top of the book case in the study behind a canvas photo just chilling (even though I was calling her and putting food in her food bowl to try and see if she was inside plus searching every hiding spot ever all around the house) Thank you so much to everyone that has helped us find our baby I’m so happy she wasn’t out in the rain and cold last night. Now to never let her in the study again!
From Letitia:

check drawers – this is where Salem was found: Found!!! Trapped in the bottom drawer. we checked but must have been in cavity at back. Hot thirsty and hungry he is ok now. It could have been a whole lot worse as those drawers don’t get opened very often!!


From Michelle:

“Best idea was letter drop with clear photo – helped identify search area which we walked for hours day n night at varied times – fancy collar attracting attention n confirming it was our cat being sighted was also huge help n comfort to us – our family is so happy to have our cat home and hope this helps others find their lost pets”

Another tip for finding missing moggies. If your puss likes jumping into open vans or vehicles or is nosey and sniffs around new cars/vans in the street, ask neighbours if they have had visitors or workmen visit on the day your pet went missing. It could be your nosey furkid may have been accidentally transported to another area. It might then be worthwhile checking and emailing a photo to those local pounds and shelters. Just a thought


From Elaine:

I persisted with signs on every local roundabout and major intersection – for 3 weeks. Also signs at each local shop. I rang every vet and left my details – visited every shelter – used Gumtree & RSPCA pet detect. My cat had travelled thru the local drains (after we moved house), to a brand new housing estate. He was recognized by the developer who had seen my sign at the local shop. My cat came home a little worse for wear but safe. Don’t give up – even when others tell u to!


Remember to take down your signs afterwards! I missed one and was getting calls for a week.


From Nicole:

My cat was missing for 5 days, I put flyers out around the neighbourhood and on lamp posts. A lady was walking her dogs and they ran to the drain down the street from me, she saw the back end of a cat run into the drain hole and phoned me. I went down and climb into the drain with a torch and could see cat eyes looking back at me but wouldn’t come. I put food and water down and went back later that night and sure enough he was there. He was injured and couldn’t get out. So all the drains around my street now have planks of wood as ramps so my cats or anyone else’s can get out!


Feedback from another cat owner last year (new to neighbourhood)

Yes. There is an easement on the other side of neighbors house that has a council chain wire fence around it . There is a narrow drain pipe and he was stuck in it. Because he was facing out if the drain, we think he was in, turned around at a wider section and then got stuck. owner had already checked that area but fortunately heard cat screaming this morning. Thanks for help.


From Michelle:

Sometimes it pays to look high as well as low with cats. They are great climbers. One lost recently was stuck up a 30 metre gum tree. The local tree loppers came by to assist getting kitty down as the fire brigade and SES didn’t have the equipment high enough. Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets we have to be careful with pets living on canal properties because the high walls make it difficult to get back up. a friend’s older cat fell onto the rocks and luckily a neighbour spotted her.


From Tameekah:

I got Jake in the middle of May 2013 and I let him outside to go to the toilet the 2nd night we had him and he never came home. There is a paddock at the other end of the street and my best friend lives next door to the paddock. She said she noticed a big black cat who was hanging around under her patio etc and sure enough it was him and we got him back last week (August). It is nice and quiet down her end and he was a scared boy. He is like a normal cat now that we have him back and goes out during the day and comes back every night! Definitely put signs up everywhere and call out as you’re walking around the block etc. We did see Jake run into a drain one night not long after he went missing but we couldn’t get him out.


Search at night – cats that are frightened hide in silence and may only come out at night when they feel safer


From Dee:

We found Otis!!! Just like you said Tameekah, he came out tonight from wherever he’d been hiding and I jiggled my car keys and he came out of somewhere. I’m so happy, thank you to everyone for all ur advice…..another kitty mum happily reunited with my boy (missing from 28/7 to 6/8 in new home)


From Unknown: 

Our prayers were answered…mind you, more people on board…SUCCESS!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I found him 2 blocks away!! He recognised my car and finally after calling his name from the car…HE CAME!! All other times I had seen him and called for him, I was either walking in the dark with a torch or with someone else. Soooo… thats a new tip!! Call from your car or woteva vehicle you have that your pet is familiar with!! He’s skinny and weak, but very Happy!!Bunting and purring weakly!! I found him just last night about 6.30pm where Ive driven by daily…in Turpin Rd. THANKS TO YOU ALL!!
From Michelle:

This is exactly what happened to our indoor cat last year – she was missing for a life long feeling week until found only 100mts down road huddled up in a very well manicured garden – didn’t meow when we called her however once we made eye contact just stared n did not move – picked her up n carried her home – definitely put signs out in neighborhood with clear picture n description (this really helped us we had numerous calls of sightings)


From Michelle V:

Good news, just found her down the drain…. Took a bit of coaxing from both neighbours houses and hubby at one end son at the other drain with torches and a can of her favourite food. Took 1/2 an hour of coaxing and whammo, jumped on my sons back and out she came. I was checking the drains at different times of the day and didn’t get a response until just before dark. It pays to check, check and recheck everywhere you can think of. Even if you feel ridiculous when you’re on all fours calling names down a gutter.

From Damian:

(His cat was missing just over 3 days) we had been walking the bush for hours each night and a lady at the pound suggested we go at dusk and we found her at the back of a shed on the border of the bushland. She has a few scrapes etc but we will get her a check up. Thanks again for the help
From Rose:

(Her cat was missing for 10 days) Update romeo has been found he got himself into an air conditioning duct of the nearby lodge. He is skinny and a frail but being nursed back to health. 10 days of worry and our lil guy is back We had been over to the lodge and asked them to keep an eye out….one of the staff heard him crying and they had our number to call us as we had left a poster with them. So glad thanks for your help guys really didn’t think we would find him!


Listen out for birds – they will often carry on alerting each other if a “new” cat is in their territory. (especially if your cat is normally an inside cat)


From Matthew:

Best advice if you lose a pet is to flyer and letterbox like crazy. It took five weeks but a she was finally recognised off a poster I put on a bus shelter Tuesday night. So happy that I don’t give in easily.




This happened to one cat and thankfully he is safely back home:

Our cat Ralphie missing from Carrara 17 days ago is back with his loving family! After being struck down by a tick and some kind nearby neighbours taking him to a vet (unfortunately not letting us know) then going to pound and animal welfare league (but paperwork being lost) we got him from a foster family!


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