Jackson’s story – missing cat found in conduit/pipe

Jackson’s story – missing cat found in conduit/pipe

Originally published July 10, 2014 at 7:52pm

Jackson was missing from acreage property for 3 days……….

Thank you so much for your email and all the support and suggestions.  I think I covered most of them!

Jackson's story - missing cat found in conduit/pipe

Jackson’s story – missing cat found in conduit/pipe

I had combed our property and the adjoining ones as one of the neighbours said she saw a cat in the bush near her house.  This put me on a bum steer focussing my attention in the bush rather than intensively looking on our land which is cleared for alpacas and llamas and you can see most things on the surface.  I had not thought to look underground and it was by chance on the third day when I had nearly given up hope – It was just by chance that I was cleaning the entrance to the stormwater pipe at dusk and heard a feint meow. The pipe goes into a pit then the diameter changes for the 100 m across the paddock. The five hours digging was so rewarding and I spoke to him through the rescue ordeal. We used a torch and mirror in each of the inspection holes to narrow down his location. After digging the 9th inspection hole in the dark and pipe rupture we could see him using a torch and mirror.  We then broke the pipe around him using pliers.  There was no water in the pipe and he was wedged stuck in the pipe upside down.  He was in there for more that 60 hours, a miracle that he was still alive and that it hadn’t rained as the pipe was small and he would have drowned.  He was so appreciative of his rescue.  He was hungry and totally drenched in urine. This was at 9:30pm! (mid winter) To add to his current trauma, he was given a bath and checked for cuts and ticks.  I am surprised that he has come out from this situation so well. I am very sore today from all the digging and it is me that is covered in cuts! All worth it, even the realisation that we will have to get the earthworks contractor back to dig out the damaged pipe and replace it before the rainy season AND add grills to the pipe’s opening. A great ending to an anxious three days, although it’s been emotionally draining.


  1. Oh my goodness, that poor thing! I’m so happy that you found him though, and that he seems to be safe. A missing pet is never fun.

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