Elle’s Story (about the importance of microchipping your pets)

Originally published January 21, 2013 at 11:10am

…the dogs are such “stay at home” pups, we just never got around to it. Stooopid!! I know. After the angst I went through searching for her for about 3 hrs then the relief when I saw her photo on the website, then the frustration because I had to wait until the next day to collect her as it was too late that day….. It was time to give myself an uppercut. ….

…. It is REALLY EASY to have the microchip inserted. It is similar to an ear-piercing. A quick prick with the instrument, no blood, no yelping (and my boy is a real sook), nothing, then it’s all over & back to the car on the way home. No more than 5 minutes. No swelling, no reaction…… Also, It is REALLY EASY to update microchip details. I couldn’t remember (and actually didn’t know there was more than one) which pet register my cats details were with, and as we have just moved house, didn’t have my paperwork, so didn’t know the numbers or anything. The Animal Management girls scanned them and got the numbers, but I still forgot to write them down even then (in my defence, I was pretty emotional) . I phoned the registery that the dogs got registered with, as I had their details in my hand, who said “Are you sure they’re with us?” …. obviously not. She gave me the phone contacts for 2 other registers …. one was the correct one. The breeder/vet who microchipped the cats originally had registered them there. Again, the lady on the phone was very helpful, and helped me find out the correct microchip numbers, and gave the the website to go to, then I updated the new contact details online. There were extra stages if it was a change of ownership, but still quite self-explanatory. I did all this on my smartphone sitting at the hairdresser, so certainly quite straightforward. I’m pretty sure the girl at the first one was going to update while I was on the phone if that had been where the cats’ records were.



or to update your microchip details


  1. It’s so easy to forget that cats and dogs can get out when they seem so happy at home sometimes. I know I was freaking out the same way when my cat got out!

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