Have you a missing dog ?  Use some of these tips submitted by community members !

Have you a missing dog ? Use some of these tips submitted by community members !

From Nikki:
He was stuck down near a creek and couldn’t get back up because of the mud and how steep it was

From Unknown:
She ran into some guys garage literally five minutes before he left for Sydney and he didn’t see her so he locked her in by accident. He only just got back and called us as soon as he saw her. So she hasn’t eaten for five days.

From JoJo’s Mum:
Nick and I took turns looking, so I guess there wasn’t one day that was missed, when I was at work nick was looking and when nick was at work I was looking, nick works night shifts so I guess that worked in our favour as one of us was always able to take over. After 8 days I had to admit we were starting to feel exhausted mentally so I now know what people go through when losing there pet. We left food out for jojo her bed and we also hung up our dirty shirts. We think this must have kept jojo in the area and from wondering off to far, she did cover a lot of ground out there but she stuck to the bush as she was too scared to come out. I came up with the dog whistle idea yesterday as I was planning on camping out there Friday night, i bought the whistle and started one end of the street to the other blowing it as hard as I could, I realised it was working when other dogs started appearing in the front yards of there property’s , I continued and as I was turning back towards where she disappeared she came out of the bush straight into my arms, was a very emotional reunion I can tell you. Jojo was scared off by my horse so the fear she was feeling kept her frightened and panicked, she was covered in peralisisticks and we were very lucky to find her when we did. We are investing in a tracking collar for her for her future outings because we never want to go through this again. I hope this helps your notes section and helps other people find there missing pets too.. Ohh and of course your Facebook page was the best we had calls of sightings and some great dog loving people helping search for her if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have been able to track her as much as we did so I huge thank you to you Dell and all the people who helped

A puppy found three doors away stuck between house and tank – couldn’t turn around

A puppy found three doors away stuck between house and tank – couldn’t turn around

From Titan’s Dad:
A lady found him was laying in the shade at a bus stop a few kms from our house.. he is exhausted and has a few cuts on his feet but otherwise he is okay i’m going to take him to the vets to get checked over.. (Titan found 3 days after missing in a storm at Upper Coomera November 2014)


From Froggie’s Mum:
We lost our pug boy for nine (very long, very stressful) days. Gold Coast Lost and Found Pets shared and re-shared our pleas for him to be found and returned every day. Then followers sent these on and because. Of this groundswell, whoever had him brought him back and released him near our home. Based on our experience, I say do not give up and do not stop daily updates and postings on this really wonderful page. The power of the people released through this page is what brought our Froggie home. Thank you to Dell and the rest of those behind this page, and to all those who followed and shared and searched and helped us.


From Debbie:
We found penny putting up posters – a young girl recognised her while my daughter was putting the poster up and she was down the road from us in a complex and wouldn’t go to any1 but she recognised her from the picture she was putting up


From Esther:
My Chihuahua was found within 20 yards of the exact place that she had taken off from, not a familiar place but she went back to the same spot. We searched for a day and a half and a night calling her name but she would not come out from her hiding spot. She was found near midnight sitting on the side of the road just waiting to be found


From Vanessa:
This post is interesting to me, as our little doggy is still not home. I am particularly interested in stories of dogs turning up months later. I am hoping someone has our dog, has become attached and eventually someone will spot her. It’s truely heartbreaking. I personally cannot give up the search. She is too precious! Her photo and our contacts are in the weekly, to blanket this “area” as far as possible.


From David:
New Years Eve/New Years day, Storm + fireworks so our puppy (8 yrs old) was found approx 2kms away. the people who found her were celebrating the New years in Pimpama and took her to the 24hr vet in Springwood on their way back to Brisbane. We got the phone call at 3am, thank goodness for microchips.


From Jade:
I have a tip for if someone finds a dog: pop a lead on it and sit in your front yard with it for an hour or two (take a book). There’s a chance that someone is driving around looking for their dog and that way they’ll spot it!

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