6 Signs that You Were a Cat in a Past Life

6 Signs that You Were a Cat in a Past Life

6 Signs that You Were a Cat in a Past Life

Are you best friends with your cats? Do your cats understand you best, more than anybody in the world? Do you instantly know what your cats want without even hearing them purr? If you answered affirmatively to all these questions then you are probably not just a cat-owner but a real cat!

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If you want to be certain if you are truly “one of them” here are six signs that you are a cat or have been a cat in your past life:

  • You dread parties, meetings, team-building activities, and other functions that would require you to be around and actually interact with humans…

You look at your personal calendar and see the date circled in bold, red ink – the day when you have to (emphasis on the “have to”) go out of town with your colleagues to bond, improve harmony and camaraderie or whatever lame excuse your human resources department could come up with just so they can go on a vacation charged to the company’s expense. It would be fun, they say. You will have the time of your life, they say. The other “humans” in your office might buy this, but not you because you know better. You know that it would be a time when you will be most annoyed. An occasion wherein you would wish (several times in a day) that you are at home, in your pajamas, having a movie marathon with tons of chips and ice-cold drinks. Why should there be a dedicated time for humans to “bond”? You are just one of the few who cannot fully grasp the concept and value of bonding and interacting with people; laughing at jokes that are not really funny and smiling on cue. For the life of you, there are better things to do. Cats do not have to suffer like this.

  • You’re light is always on “yellow”, never “green”

When it comes to getting close to people, your yellow light is always flashing. The light is screaming, CAUTION! When someone you just met is asking a lot of personal questions like you have been friends for years, your face may not show it but your inner expression is already giving out “dagger looks”. You are not paranoid. You just have realistic expectations. You know that it takes time to build trust. You know that all these things that this other person is showing you right now are not real, they are masks. The only way to get to know another is to wait, wait patiently until all the masks come off. Just like your precious cats, you may be a piece of work initially but once you decide to stick, you stick until the end.

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  • You always have your poker-face on; but when you decide to let go, you go from Rated G to Rated R in a heartbeat! 

You may appear to be lacking in emotion because you don’t show your feelings often, even to the people you love. You always try to keep your distance and your space. But then when you found “the one” and decide to finally show your affection… you are not stingy with your hugs and kisses! No-no! As a matter of fact, it would be like asking your cat to stop cuddling – impossible.

  1. You go berserk when somebody invades your personal space

Yes you are generous and giving. In fact you have no problem sharing what you have and what you are good at but when people gets too close, literally, you will lose it! Once you have calmed down, (after giving the culprit an earful) a voice in your head keeps asking “Why? Why do people intrude on your personal space when you are very generous to them?” (Generous = at least 2 meters away)

  1. You need regular breaks from humans

You get it, being with friends is enjoyable (at least for a couple of hours) but you cannot continuously do this “activity” for extended period without some time off. You need to recharge your “social battery” so you can be a better friend and person (aka. NOT a bitch). Alone time for you is like air, without it you will die.

6.  Sometimes cats are better company

     When there’s nothing else you look forward to at the end of the day then going home to the     welcoming hugs of your cats, you know you’re more than just a cat-mama. Loving cats and wanting to care for them is one thing, but feeling a deep connection with them is another. Who knows, you could really have been  a cat in your past life. Embrace it and enjoy!

Are you freaking out right now? Were the descriptions above, spot on? Look in the mirror, you may have that human-ish outer appearance but you are undoubtedly a cat, inside. Meow!

Author Bio :

Jeffery Keyes is a pet lover who keeps himself busy in grooming his pups and kittens. He is associated with PetCareRx to make the other pet lovers aware of the grooming tips and wellness of their lovely pets. In leisure time, he writes informational and interesting blogs about pets.


  1. I think I definitely must have been a cat! That explains why I get along with my cat much better than any humans, although I think my cat gets so much angrier at people in his personal space than me!

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