Looking for somewhere different to take your dog on an adventure ?

my ex girlfriend is looking for somewhere different to take our dog on an adventure. Somewhere other than the normal e.g. the beach, and normal Council dog park. Have you got any ideas or heard of anywhere cool?

Just FYI, even if it is the same ol’ same ol’ to you (the human) … the dog loves it as unlike us they live very much in the present moment .. and to them even tho’ the place is familiar.. it’s new.. always new..

None the less, I totally get it as I was wondering the same to do with Garry (yet understand what I mentioned that he’s always appreciative of wherever we go because even his local neighbourhood walk is exciting for him)

There are a couple of questions you need to consider first before going on any adventures:

How well socialised is your dog ?

On a percentage scale of 0% (being no recall whatsoever) to 100% (being perfect recall) … in an environment with lots of smells, people and distractions … what is its recall like ?
What is it like on the leash ?
What is it’s fitness level and does it have any previous or pre-existing limitations ?
How far is are you willing to drive if needed ?

Without knowing your dog – here are some general suggestions:

  • Stradbroke Island
  • Stand-up paddle boarding (SOP)
  • Camping at Flanagan Reserve or Coleyville Farm in the Scenic Rim
  • A trip to Lee Farm Stay or Deshons Retreat in Kingaroy
And two links:


  1. Thanks for the ideas. We’re always looking for places to take our dog too but I guess there’s more things to consider since we have a family of young children as well! We spend time between NSW and QLD so it’s good to read up on some suggestions up in QLD.

  2. My dog loves trips to Stradbroke Island, here’s a recommendation from me 😉 lots of walking, fresh air.

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