Looking after your Golden Oldie TIPS

Looking after your Golden Oldie TIPS

English: A dog sleeping

English: A dog sleeping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tips by Paws Indoors Mobile Vet looking after your Golden Oldie: Dogs, like older people, lose confidence if they do not feel they have a secure footing. The shiny laminate that your puppy doesn’t think twice about galloping over can be a worrying challenge for an older pet anxious about pulling on an already stiff joint. Putting down non slip matting will make a real difference to them.

If your dog has to negotiate stairs think about the lighting. Going downstairs is hard for dogs. Especially if they can’t see well.

Consider getting a raised bed, a thicker bed or bean bag to sleep on to relieve pressure on old joints.

Keeping up with exercise is also a good idea. Don’t stop completely but do be realistic about what your pet can manage. A walk to the first lamppost and back two or three times a day may not seem like a lot but it is very beneficial to your old pets mental and physical well being.

Cats that can’t jump so well will welcome strategically placed chairs or stools so that they don’t have to make the jump on or off your bed (or other favourite sleeping place) in one go.

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