How did your pet become a part of the family?

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Barbara-Ann Hofman We adopted Meg from AWL. The best thing we ever did as a family – the best dog

Frances Davies My border collie passed on with cancer and we were at the pub for dinner…the owner new I was heartbroken and she told me she knew a border collie who was heading to the RSPCA because they couldn’t control him. We took him on…now, two years, a shoulder reconstruction and plenty of training later we love our Gordie! He is a challenge but a great pal. Couldn’t save our Tess but we could save another.

Robbyn Smith Adopted my adorable cuties and now Im their Mommy

Gold Coast Pets Marnie’s story ->…/marnie-ruler-of-vanessa/ xox Vanessa

Sue Duncan Rescue babies

Nicole Quinn I was working at a pet motel and the owners of my beautiful Tibetan Spaniel couldn’t keep her due to unforseen circumstances and were going to take her to AWL. I said right there on the spot I would take her and a little later they came back and changed her details into my name. She has been my princess ever since
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