Is there anything I can do to stop my 6 month old puppy from chewing

Is there anything I can do to stop my 6 month old puppy from chewing

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Tracey Bramwell I don’t know about stopping them chewing, but I find it helps if you give them lots of things they are allowed to chew. This reduces the likelihood of them chewing things they should not. Keep them away from things they are not allowed to chew and re-direct their attention if they do. There are lots of things to give them like bones, dried treats, toys, kongs filled with treats, frozen treats. Some can last quite a while. Lots of playtime/walks to wear them out too.
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Yasmin Morris Chewing in puppies is the way for the puppies to ease the pain of teething, much like babies. It also comforts them and helps to reduce stress and alleviate boredom. Usually good bones or pigs ears are great, particularly if you are leaving the pup on it’s own for any particular amount of time.
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Nikki Logan Kongs are great as it amuses them but aren’t dangerous. What breed is your dog as different activities help different breeds. Puppies will chew as they are teething so make sure you have something that it is ok to give her/him to redirect the unwanted behaviour and a good walk (again depending on breed) will help to relieve boredom chewing. Cheers
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