Can u suggest anti cane toads hints please

Can u suggest anti cane toads hints please


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Hey can u suggest anti cane toads hints please coming into summer had one last night the dogs saw one walked away but puppy wanted to play I grabbed her before she did and inside

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Troy Howarth We had a lot of toads making their way up the side of the house and into the backyard. I had an old security screen (with flyscreens still attached) that fitted perfectly across the space between the house and the neighbour’s fence. We haven’t had a cane toads make it through to our backyard since. I often find them stuck around the side of the house though, so I hit them with some hopstop.
20 January at 09:15 ·

Troy Howarth But in short, I think it comes down to fencing.. A guy that breeds turtles had to build a wall a few feet deep into the ground and a few feet high around his ponds to stop the toads from getting in (turtles will die from eating cane toad tadpoles/eggs)
20 January at 09:19 ·

Susie Jane Williams We spray them with detol most die where they are sprayed some will jump a bit and die, by the next morning they are shriveled up dry and we leave them to deter others. It works really well. As far as our pet area fencing, blocking every gap is the only way. But even then once its evening our dogs are put inside and we check the yard. And we will still find one occasionally.
20 January at 09:34 ·

Ingrid Kanga Flower I scared my dog into not touching them by just saying no in a panicked tone ..only because I was worried for her and hate them myself. but now she walks away or around them and is scared of them..glad I did that while she was young..i did not know at the time it would have that affect on her.
20 January at 09:55 ·

Nicole Quinn If they do play with one make sure you get a damp cloth, most emergency centres use chux, and wipe over all gum surfaces and roof of mouth. This prevents the absorbation of the toxins via the mucus membranes
20 January at 10:25 ·

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