What would you like to see in a dog park ?

What would you like to see in a dog park ?

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English: O'Halloran Park Dog Agility Track.

English: O’Halloran Park Dog Agility Track. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robyn Armstrong Dogs!
17 January at 15:16 ·

Gold Coast Pets I personally want to see more fences ! There are not that many fully enclosed dog parks … I want the safety of dogs not being able to get OUT of the dog park if they do happen to run off… at least I know the fence will stop them xox Vanessa
17 January at 15:21 ·

Lexi Webb An enclosed playground for kids. Dog agility things, water to swim in, green grass and yes fences are good as well
17 January at 15:25 ·

Robyn Armstrong Oh I saw one the other day in Meadowbrook awesome fencing one section for large dogs, one for small but no dogs lol

I am not a dog park person anyway ha ha
17 January at 15:25 ·

Frances Davies Water, garbage bins, fence, happy dogs and people who pick up dog poop.
17 January at 15:34 ·

Gold Coast Pets Frances if the people picking up dog poop were hired to do so would it matter ? Naturally I agree I wish all owners would pick up the poop however … I have to admit I would love a dog park where people were hired specifically for this task twice a day every day xox Vanessa
17 January at 15:40 ·

Katrina Scott Responsible dog owners, not a$$wipes that can’t control their dog and just laugh when it attacks mine? Can you tell I’m not a dog park fan, haha. In an ideal world, dog parks would be fully fenced, have plenty of shade, water bowls, little splash pools, agility equipment, hanging toys, poop scoop facilities and people toilets. I also think they should be 2 areas, one for high energy dogs and one for low energy.
17 January at 16:17 ·

Frances Davies I am a veteran dog poop picker-upper! I think council money can be spent on providing things we need in the parks and keeping them mown but people should clean up poop and supervise their own dogs.
17 January at 16:46 ·

Claudine Coulter dogs lol
17 January at 17:22 ·

Alicia Adamopoulos Fences, double gates, area for big dogs and a separate area for small dogs, water, bowls, seats, shade, bins, never ending supply of bags.
17 January at 18:32 ·

Ingrid Kanga Flower Small dog, big dog areas…too many dogs get traumatised from attacks.
17 January at 18:36 ·

Becky Taylor A cafe!!! hell yeah that would be my dream…or a mobile cafe.
17 January at 19:03 ·

Mel Brighton Keegan more trees & seating
17 January at 19:37 ·

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