What would you do if you found injured wildlife on the side of the road ?

What would you do if you found injured wildlife on the side of the road ?

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Koala looks down, Kangaroo Island

Koala looks down, Kangaroo Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dani Soontobgraham: I have a towel in the car for any injured animals. I also have the local wildcare’s number in my phone
16 January at 19:04 ·

Natalie Harper: take it straight to crumbin wild life centre
16 January at 19:06 ·

Claudine Coulter: help and ring wire
16 January at 19:07 ·

Susan Nitz: Wrap it in a cloth and straight to the nearest vet
16 January at 19:11 ·

Robbyn Smith: Following… Would like any contact numbers for Wild Life Rescuers
16 January at 19:27 ·

Dani Soontobgraham: We always stop. Whether it be further up in a safer spot or back a bit, one of us walks to the animal regardless of where it is..
I would like to get an emergency carers licence We’ve directed traffic if need be. If people don’t protect our wildlife then we won’t have much of one left sadly
16 January at 19:36 ·

Ingrid Kanga Flower: Stop if safe to do so and take to vet and hopefully care for it myself as I am a wildlife carer! Never found any myself though!
16 January at 19:43 ·

Gold Coast Pets: Robbyn – here are some numbers to keep in your phone:

Wildcare Australia Inc. Fan Page (for Gold Coast region) 55 272444 ….

RSPCA 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) ….

If you’re in Brisbane it is BARN 0405 056 066 (24hrs) ….

if you’re in NSW it is WIRES 13 000 WIRES (13 00 094 737)
16 January at 21:00 ·

Gold Coast Pets: I posted this status because a week ago on the way back from Brisbane on the M1 a koala was hit or at least in shock… thankfully someone stopped (safely) & put his blinkers on … because he stopped… I stopped further up the road in the emergency stopping section… ran back… unfortunately the koala went into shock (collapsed/no movement) … and I gave them a spare pillow case (kept in my car for this reason) … someone donated their picnic blanket… and the koala was rushed off to the 24 hour vet. I have to admit that I didn’t hold high hopes for him as shock kills more than injuries do however I take solace in the fact that he wasn’t alone in his last moments and people cared enough to at least try !
16 January at 21:00 ·

Susie Jane Williams: Wrapped up and taken to vet if hand-able, or ring WIRES.
16 January at 20:34 ·

Gold Coast Pets: Ingrid can you share with us where you trained so others can know where they can also learn ?
16 January at 21:01 ·

Ingrid Kanga Flower: I was trained in cairns but there is wildlife groups everywhere along the qld coast and interstate..its not hugely poplular with the younger generations because most wildlife need to be fed at the most every 2-3hrs and at the least every 6hrs..working …See More
16 January at 21:28 ·

Yasmin Morris: I always carry around a large cardboard box in the boot lined with a towel. I have picked up many injured animals and birds using the towel, when I get home I Ring WIRES in NSW https://www.wires.org.au/ or Wilcare in QLD https://wildcare.org.au/index.html
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