Have you ever given medication to your pet ?

Have you ever given medication to your pet ?

medication in gelcaps (gelatin capsules) Portu...

medication in gelcaps (gelatin capsules) Português: Diversos tipos de cápsulas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some take it easily, some not so much (especially cats!) Tell us your experience with medicating your fur kids.

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Vicki Moyer: Dogs are pretty easy – we just put it in a highly valued food. With the cats we put it in there mouth and talk to them and pet them and hope they swallow it.
2 January at 07:02 ·

Sue Duncan: Cats we put the tablet in their mouth hold it shut. Tickle un the chin till they lick their nose. Means tablet gone. If cat scratches I wrap them in a towel
2 January at 08:34 ·

Frances Davies: I am an ex-vet nurse and have never had trouble giving tablets etc but Tramal for my elderly dog’s arthritis certainly was a challenge….he would froth at the mouth and try to vomit it up straight away…only tablet I have ever had this issue with.
2 January at 08:47 ·

Robyn Armstrong: One of our vets gave 1.5 antibiotic pills to one of our Bullmastiffs she said his throat was like a walrus PML Ours always have in cheese slices or ham etc
2 January at 09:04 ·

Tracy Morris: My 10 yr shih tzu is unreal, I try to hide a crushed up tablet in his food he will ear around it even though its mixed through.. He has to have pain relief tablets every now n then & I’ve tried hiding it in his fav food ( chic ) but he knows & won’t eat it at all or if he does happen to take it he spits it back out very quickly, we have tried to hold him & put down his throat but can get near his mouth with out been attacked & badly bitten. If anyone could plz help with an easy was I’d be very grateful I’ve bought one of those pill giver things but our problem is getting near his mouth or open his mouth with out been attacked/bitten
2 January at 10:37



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