IF YOU FIND A DOG IN A HOT CAR within Gold Coast region

IF YOU FIND A DOG IN A HOT CAR within Gold Coast region

dogsdieinhotcarsThe following information applies IF YOU FIND A DOG IN A HOT CAR within the Gold Coast region

1) Take a photo of the number plate and/or video

2) RING THE RSPCA IMMEDIATELY 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) or call the police on 131 444 (only 000 if the pet(s) are in distressed state)


  • If the car is parked in a shopping centre carpark – call the shopping centre management (or have another person alert management) IMMEDIATELY
  • If is parked within a “private” carpark – alert the carpark attendant (usually found on the way out where you hand in your ticket) IMMEDIATELY
  • If it is parked near any other places of business ..  call the near-by places of business to try to find the owner of the car ASAP
  • If it is parked next to a home… try to find out if the person is at the house

At all times please remain calm. Do not cause a fight with someone no matter how much you are disgusted by the behaviour.

EVERY state has a different law in terms of breaking a car window to release a distressed pet please ensure you are aware of the law in your state !  (Ask RSPCA or police when you call them!)

FOR PET CPR & FIRST AID SKILLS download the Pet Tech, Inc. “Petsaver” app (available for all phones – use code: PTI 1480 when prompted) or attend a class ( click here for class schedule )

In a perfect world, everyone would leave their animals at home with shade, shelter and access to fresh water on warm days. If you have a pet with separation anxiety issues, consider enlisting the services of a professional pet sitter to either walk your pet around the local area you’re visiting or to visit your home whilst you are running an errand.

Note from the author – Aunty Vanessa:
I have personally been in this situation in 2014 when I found a van along Bundall Road with a pet within it. It had the windows down a little and a water dish however it is illegal to leave a pet in an unattended car regardless so I did the above steps. No need to smash windows as the owner of the pet was allowed by the business she was visiting to take it inside (esp. since the receptionist of the business wasn’t aware it was illegal for the person to do so thus allowed them to have their pet in their waiting area). 

PLEASE EDUCATE EVERYONE including those who are not pet owners.

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