Top tips for pet safety at Christmas

1. Arrange pet insurance: If you’re adding a pet to the family this Christmas, arrange pet insurance at the same time.  It doesn’t need to be expensive and could save a lot of stress and expense.

  • Top tip for our clients: please ensure the insurance information is included in your pet’s profile with us as well as left with your emergency contact (if you will not be able to be contacted in an emergency).

2. Stick to a routine: Although Christmas is a busy day, sticking to normal feeding and walking times, for instance, as this will help to keep pets calm and out of mischief

  • We do our best to help establish routines for the pets in our care. This is especially true for our house sitting clients 🙂

3. Don’t let pets indulge:  However, tempting, don’t let your pets overeat, or give them inappropriate food as treats.

  • As professional pet carers, we understand this rule implicitly. We would rather indulge your pets with lots of fun, play and love 🙂

4. Take care with trees and decorations:  Falling trees and ‘decorations as snacks’ are amongst the top pet dangers at Christmas

  • Top tip for clients with indoor cats:  As much as you think it isn’t festive, please try to remove the tree and presents to another room where we can lock/close the door to prevent your indoor cats from access to your tree.

5. Keep presents and wrapping out of reach:  Cards, wrapping paper and ribbons can all cause real problems if eaten by pets.  Keep present out of reach too especially chocolate !!

6. Beware poisonous plants:  Unfortunately, many of the plants that appear at Christmas are toxic to pets – including Holly berries, mistletoe and poinsettias

  • The Pet Tech app which is available for all devices is available ( here ) which lists all this and more 🙂  Please use referral code VS1480  when prompted.

7. Turkey bones:  Keep your pets out of the kitchen at Christmas.  Turkey bones are as dangerous as cooked chicken bones !  This is actually a good rule to consistently keep all year -round if possible.

8. Christmas lights:  Chewed cables are a recipe for disaster.  If you’re adopting a kitten, please kitten proof your home.  Even for older cats, ensure cables are “cat” proofed !

9. Keep them calm:  If you’re having party, make sure your pets can escape to a quiet part of the house.

10 Be ready:  Check your vet’s Christmas opening hours and keep the surgery telephone number by the phone just in case.

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