Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas – Decorations | GreenBizCheck

Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas – Decorations | GreenBizCheck

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English: Traditional flower Christmas decoration of Sweden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With only 50 days till Christmas we thought it would be a great time to recap some ways you could have a great Christmas with a “Green” twist.

These days, the lure of the $2 shop makes it easy enough to change our Christmas decorations year on year. Seems pretty wasteful for a few weeks a year, right? So why not keep things simple. Choose durable baubles and trinkets that will last for years, or better yet, get the kids to make decorations out of recyclables.

With table decorations, instead of using paper napkins and tablecloths, which only get one use, go for fabric ones that can be washed or wiped down and used again and again, the same goes for re-useable plates and cutlery. Decorate the table with flowers or pine cones and get the kids to make name tags and place settings out of last year’s Christmas paper and cards. If you have old decorations that you won’t re-use, donate them to an op shop or online through sites like Gumtree or OzRecycle.

A few cinnamon sticks or Vanilla Beans bundled in red string or ribbon make a tree or wreath decoration that you can use in hot chocolate later.

A little creativity and a little observation around your house will give you the most uniquely decorated house in the neighbourhood!

Finally, when it comes to lighting up your tree, make sure you choose LEDs.


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