Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner Pet Stain & Odor Remover | Testimonial

Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner Pet Stain & Odor Remover | Testimonial

This is a testimonial posted on Facebook by Jackie Parker (we have not altered it)

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*please note we do NOT profit from posting the link to the product

I would like to tell fellow pet owners about a new product i tried and had success with!

This is long and i apologise lol But handy info for cat owners

I have 5 cats and within my house there was 3 areas the cats had decided to pee without me knowing and being able to get on top of it. I researched online and found really good reviews about this product called “Fizzion”. I googled it and there was nothing but positive things said about it. 

Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner 8 Tablet Value Pack Bag Pet Stain & Odor RemoverI have used everything under the sun and any cat lady/man will know that realistically, that piss aint coming out unless you rip out the carpet and sometimes even the floor boards.

So i ordered this stuff online via ebay. It is sold in USA, but is delivered here. It comes in a small pouch and you get 8 little tablet things. Each tablet you dissolve in a spray bottle with warm water and that solution will be active and good for 12mths. These tablets and small packaging are very environmentally friendly! Instead of having 8 spray bottles, you just need the one!

Anyways, so i have a test area. In the dining room i had 2 areas. One corner was a fresh pee patch and the other corner was a corner i did not know they were peeing in and the stench was horrid before i got my nose every 50cms from the ground!

The fresh corner, i sprayed and worked it into the carpet. It was a small area so it was easy to concentrate on the whole stain area.

Next i moved on to the stench corner. I sprayed and sprayed and rubbed it in but i dont think i did that great a job.

Left it overnight… go back next day, fresh corner smelt ok, but i could still smell it a little when i got my nose right down. Stench corner had no change. It was still fukin gross.

I lost faith in fizzion at that point. Luckily it had only cost like $16 plus delivery so it wasnt a huge lose.

Then i decided about 5 days later to hire a carpet cleaner from woolies and just give the carpets a good old clean and see if that would help.

I went into the dining room to see ho bad it still was in there OMG. Fresh pee corner had NO pee smell at all! Stench corner in some places had NO stench at all – but i could smell where i had missed bits! This was seriously amazing lol.

So i then redid stench corner and i fricken saturated it and rubbed that shit in. To this day, its nearly 100% perfect! I still have a few small bits to get clear 

With the carpet cleaner i did a normal carpet shampoo and oOMG i dont think this house has had carpets cleaned since 1970 and i think the 20 cats that lived here before, their pee surfaced!!

Im a bit anal about cat pee and i seriously get down on my hands and knees and check the skirting boards because with so many cats i gotta make sure they arent peeing anywhere and if they are, fix it asap or it becomes a nightmare.

So i freaked because cleaning the carpets brought the pee smell worse than i have ever smelt. I did another clean of the carpets with a tablet of fizzion and vinegar and fricken lemon grass oil… and that did nothing… i read online that you must wash the carpet with hot water before you use fizzion to make sure there are no soaps etc on the surface to stop fizzion working.. so i did another clean of just hot water and then a last clean of just fizzion and hot water….

For days the pee smell was here and i was freaking the fuk out…. a week later – no pee smell

So this long winded tale has come to and end, but fuk me, this shit is worth the rave! It is pretty damn good and even tho im really only at week one of the testing, i will be ordering more from ebay asap and continuing to give it a go.. i think it is a gift from god to all catladies/men THANK YOU LORD JESUS LMFAO

OMG I FORGOT! it is also a stain remover and i just used it on orange cat biscuit vomit stain and its GONE!!! YAY!!!


click here for a link to the product on eBay

*please note we do NOT profit from posting the link to the product

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  1. I followed the above directions to a T.
    Im shatteted to say not only did it NOT work but the smell was horrendous.
    My cat still repeatedly goes back to the same place.
    I admit defeat and am removing the carpet.
    I honestly gave it a good go bought what i had too, did what i had too.
    So in thus case product didnt do what was stated.
    Im left confussed was prevous statement a gimic to buy ?

  2. Hi Michelle

    The above blog post was published originally on behalf of someone I knew back then (as it was published in 2013 – many years ago). I do not profit from the eBay link as I have stated in the original blog post. I was passing on information. As with everything – this worked for this person.

  3. I have been reading out some of your posts and it’s pretty nice stuff.

    I will surely bookmark your site.

  4. Jenny from Australia says:

    Before Fizzion I was spending a lot of money on replacing everything from carpet, clothes, bedding, curtains, pillows, towels, wicker washing baskets, wall paint, varnish – basically everything you can think of. I closed off bedrooms in my house to stop my nervous cat spraying, I couldn’t have guests over because the smell was incredible and nothing I used removed the stain or smell of the urine.

    I tried bleach, vinegar, lemon, bissel products, Pet Off, Urine Off and all they did was increase the smell and encourage more intense spraying of the area. I spent so much money on these useless products. The half life of cat urine is 7 years and nothing was working until I discovered Fizzion!

    I discovered Fizzon on one of Jackson Galaxy’s episodes in 2012 and I have not looked back since. I have many stray Tom cats that mark my house and yard, and one nervous desexed House cat that sprays everywhere. The strays also like to enter through my cat door and go to town inside my home with their spraying.

    I love Fizzion. I buy it in bulk packages of 48 tablets because I can’t get it here in Australia and I literally use it like it’s on tap. I grab a black light torch and seek out the urine and spray it vigorously with Fizzion. It is magic. The smell of wet urine and Fizzion is unbearable but once it’s worked it’s CO2 magic and dries, there’s no trace and no smell. It has saved me money in replacing everything I mentioned above. I use it almost every single day!

    Thank you so much for putting in the effort to research and develop this product, please make it available for purchase in Australia. Currently I buy via ebay and have to pay exorbitant shipping prices which do not reflect the actual shipping price of the product and unreasonable mark ups in price beyond exchange rate conversions for your product. The sellers are 3rd parties who clearly purchases from you and charges ridiculous prices capitalizing on the lack of availability to Australians. Unfortunately I will pay these prices because I need your product.

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